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You will have such an exciting time at the Grey Hound Racing Track here in Manchester. fantastic social occasion combining gambling, drinking and laughing
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Grey Hound Racing Manchester Stag Do

Grey Hound Racing here in Manchester is a fantastic stag do event for you and the rest of the lads to gamble, have a bite to eat and even have a few drinks as well. This is a great stag do event and one that I am sure you will all have a great time at.

Key Features

Grey Hound Racing is just a ton of fun to watch. These crazy dogs can run at about 40 mph which is just nuts. Seeing them in full stride is really impressive and far different from my dog which struggles to get up onto the sofa. Will you be the one who picks the right dog and wins some serious money? Or will you be the guy who picks all the wrong dogs and does not win squat? Either way this is all about having a great laugh with your mates. There is no need to gamble away large sums of money if you do not want to, but with all the excitement and the free bet that you do get I am sure you will want to place a little money on one of these dogs!

One thing that is really amazing about this place is that they have a very special package that is aimed at stag groups. When you take up the stag package you will get admission to the track and a race card as well. You will also get a nice pitcher or top quality beer, a VIP buffet and £5 worth of vouchers to bet with as well. You even get a group photo to keep as a memento for the groom which is a nice little touch. And once the fun is done they will provide you with a taxi back to the centre of Manchester. Not to many places will roll out the red carpet for stag groups like this place does.

The actual venue is pretty cool and it’s up to you guy how you view the action. You can either stay in the cosy restaurant that has a huge glass front so you do not miss any of the racing action and of course you can stuff your face while watching which is a nice bonus. Or you can go track side and get where the real action is! Either way you are in for a great time.

You can get into the place from 18:00 where you can go trackside, but the restaurant opens at 18:30. The first race of the night usually happens at about 19:20 with the evenings last race usually at 22:20. To take advantage of the stag package you will need to have at least four people in your stag group.

Reasons Why Grey Hound Racing Is A Great Stag Do Event

Gambling, drinking, eating and just a general amazing time, this is one stag do event that really does have it all!

The stag package really does make you guys feel like a bunch of big time gamblers……. Even if you do not bet anything more than a couple of quid.

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