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If the lads are looking for a top class action packed event then this Go Karting circuit in Manchester will provide that boost for any Stag Day
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Go Karting Manchester Stag Day

Well if your Manchester stag do is looking for a top class and really fun stag do event then look no further my friends. Go karting is an absolute classic when it comes to a fantastic stag do event that will be a great time for all involved!

Key Features

Us guys never grow out of wanting to play with cars. No matter if it’s our toy cars when we are kids, playing racing games on our Playstation’s or Xbox’s or actually getting behind the wheel and having a blast actually racing. As much fun as playing racing video games is it’s not the same as actually racing and that is what you will be doing here at one of the best go karting centres in the whole freaking country! If you have the need for speed and want to prove to your mates that you are not only the number one driver in the virtual gaming world, but in real life also then this is your chance.

These are some really little nippy go karts that you will be driving. I think that some go karting centres have a tendency to use over powered go karts that are not suited to an actual go kart track and while they are fast most people end up crashing into the tires over and over again and after a while that gets really old and it’s just not fun. You do not get that here. These go karts are fast, but they go at a speed which means you really can zip around the track without having to hit the break the whole time. This is as close to playing a real life racing video game as you are ever going to get.

One thing that these guys do that really sets them apart from the rest is that while they want your stag group to have a wild time. They will make sure that you are shown properly how to handle the go karts and given some other safety information as well. So when you arrive you will be given a safety briefing, your helmet and other equipment and they will even let you do a few practice laps so that you can get used to how these go karts handle.

The way that you will be racing is actually left up to you guys. If there is a large number of you then you will be probably better doing a team endurance style of race. Where you each take turns and during pit stops you need to make team changes and use some strategy as well. Or you can just have a full on grand prix where one man takes it all and he will be the victor at the end of the day. The victor who gets the bragging rights, the money and the women. Ok so you do not get the money or the women, but you do get the bragging rights!

You are looking at around two hours here at this go karting centre. You will need to have at least six people in your stag group before you can make a booking.

Reasons Why Go Karting Is A Great Stag Do Event

Zip around a well-designed race track on some fast go karts that handle like a dream.

Have a real competition to see who is the ultimate driver.

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