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Off road karting at its very best. 400cc Karts delivering an oomph like you have never felt for a long time. You will need to pull off some craft moves to be the stag party champion
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Off Road karting for Stags

Go karting is one of the all-time classic events that stag groups all over the country like to do. Well kick it up a notch here are Leeds best outdoor go karting centre. If quads and go karts are your thing then you will be in heaven here.

Key Features

Ok my friends you have clicked on something really cool! What we have here are some just flat our freaking amazing off road go karts. I am sure you have seen quad bikes and go karts before well these are kind of like if those two things hooked up and had a baby! So if your stag group has been looking for something where you get to drive something and something that is a little different and unique then these are what you need to be driving.

These are not for kids either! These are packing in a very powerful 400cc so you know that these are going to fly and when you hit the accelerator you will feel the raw power that these have. They have both a front and a rear suspension which in a go kart may sound weird, but this means that they are able to handle the amazing course and that you can take the course at a very fast speed and not need to keep riding the break.

The course that you will be racing on has been designed with these karts in mind. This is not a case of some random guy grabbing some tires and cones and making a course. The whole course has been designed with how these off road go karts handle and that means that you will need to keep your eye on the course at all time as this can be quite the challenge keeping them on the course and going at a good speed. So for you guys who like to think of yourself as a driving expert. Then your skills will be put to the test here. And of course as this is racing there is a competitive edge to your day. There is a head to head style of race that you can do. Which means that one of you will be the ultimate winner! And with that of course come a guy who finishes dead last and if you ask me should legally be required to get the first round in or at least but the winner a pint! Or if you guys want you can arrange it so that you will be in teams and do team based races.

Once you have been kitted out with your helmet and other gear you are looking at about an hour of race time. So this means that you get an hour of adrenaline pumping fun and then you have the rest of the day to grab some food and hit the town. You will need to have at least eight people in your stag group to make a booking here.

Reasons Why Off Road Karts Are A Great Stag Do Event

Half quad, half go kart, these are crazy looking and just really cool to drive.

Race on a very well designed course that has been built specifically for these karts.

Set up a competition and see who in your stag group is the ultimate driver.

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