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If you are looking for a thrill as part of your Manchester Stag Do then this High ropes Course should fit the bill nicely. Requires more than a bit of bottle!
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Manchester Stag Day High Ropes Course

If you have been looking around Manchester for a thrill a minute, joy ride of a stag do event then you have found it with this amazing high ropes course. So embrace your adventurous side and have the time of your life here!

Key Features

I am sure you have seen obstacle courses before and most probably even been on a few of them. Well this high ropes course is kind of like that…..only the obstacle course that you guys will be traversing is located high up in the sky and parts of itseem like it’s just floating in mid-air. This is an obstacle course for you guys who want to do something a little bit different and for those of you who what to have a great time, but also have something that is a little on the physical side as well. You get all that and more with this stag do event!

You will need to climb some walls that at first glance you may think simply look impossible and that not even Spider-Man could scale them! You also will need to grab a rope and swing from one section to the other like you are, well once again Spider-Man, but without the tight costume, actually if you want to dress like Spider-Man then more power to you! Anyway there is just so many fun and challenging sections to this high ropes course that as well as having to use your strength you will also more importantly have to keep your nerve. It’s one thing doing an obstacle course on the ground, but when you are high up in the air it’s a totally different ball game. No matter what path your stag group takes on this high ropes course at the end you are in for the ride of your life as you go on a crazy zip line or a huge ass jump into oblivion.

This high ropes course makes use of the very latest and best safety equipment to make sure that no matter what you are always safe. Still even with this piece of mind, this is still a very nerve wracking obstacle course. The safety system in place here lets you really throw caution to the wind and just go for it. Or if you are a more cautious type of dude you may want to be more slow and methodical with how you tackle this.

You can have a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 20 in your group and you must and let me say that again, must be there 15 minutes before the time you booked in. This ensures that you can get checked in, put on your safety equipment and then get to it. In all you are looking at around two hours to complete the course. From 10:00 there are start time every half hour up until 15:30.

Make sure you have some sensible footwear. So trainers or ankle supported boots are the way to go. Also make sure you have on lose and comfortable clothing such as track suit bottoms. There is a strict no skirt policy here, but as this is a stag do I cannot imagine this will be an issue. Also this place is located in the Trafford Centre so one you are done there are plenty of other places close by you can check out.

Reasons Why This High Ropes Course Is A Great Stag Do Event

Get an adrenaline boost as you climb up high and make death defying jumps and swings.

Once you are checked in and all suited up, it’s up to each individual how they tackle this course.

Located in the Trafford Centre means it’s close to plenty of places to get a bite to eat or a drink.

More Info for your Stag Group:

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