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Forget your X Box with its Call of Duty, Halo and Battlefield. This Laser Combat is the closest thing to actual warfare without getting hurt! Ultimate game to add to your Stag Day in Manchester
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Indoor Laser Tag for Stags

Listen up men, if you think that games like Halo, Call Of Duty and Battlefield give you an indication of what war is like then you have no freaking clue. Laser combat is one of the most fun ways that you guys can shoot each other without anyone crying because they are hurt!

Key Features

You know this is a bad ass stag do event when the place tells you that the army uses the same style of guns to train their troops! Laser combat is the ultimate way for you and your stag party to play a real life video game, except here if you die, you die for real! Ok maybe that was a little bit dramatic, but in the heat of the battle this is so exciting that you really do feel like your life is on the line. Also these laser guns mean that there is no running out of ammo like there is with paintball and of course there is no pain at all when you get shot. The only pan you feel is when you try to act like one of The Expendables and dive over something and land wrong!

There are a few different game zones where you can battle in and each one has their own feel you have one that resembles a kind of war torn area and the other one where if you ask me looks like it is set in some kind of zombie apocalypse. The game zones do a great job in pumping you up and making you really get into the moment. One thing I want to add here is that this place offers a whole bunch of fancy dress costumes that you can hire if you want to make the day even more fun. For example you can dress up as a chicken or the Hulk and shoot your friends.

There are different scenarios that you can play in, but they all revolve around attacking or defending. This is great as it makes there an actual point to the game and no matter if you are on the defending or attacking side you will know what your objective is so there is no running around like a headless chicken shooting at random stuff. You will get the chance to attack and defend, but how you go about this is up to you and your team! A huge part of the thrill is coming up with a strategy to make sure that it’s your team who wins. In all laser combat is just so much fun and I am sure you will have a great time here.

They do have a few drinks and snacks in the place, but they also can order in food so that is something to keep in mind. You need to have at least 6 people in your stag group and the most you can have is 12. You are looking at about an hour and a half here of pure balls to the wall fun! There are four start times you can pick from and these are 9:00 and 11:30 for morning sessions and then there are 14:00 and 16:30 for afternoon mayhem!

Reasons Why Laser Combat Is A Great Stag Do Event

You get to use actual guns that the army use to train their soldiers!

Different scenarios mean that there will always be winners and of course losers.

This is just an absolute riot and taking your friends down with laser guns never gets old.

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Start Times :

9:00 11:30 14:00 16:30

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