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Can't make up your mind whether to go paintballing or Clay Shooting- Easy! Do both with this great combo deal outside Manchester. An opportunity to behave like Rambos on the Stag Do
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Shooting- Clay Pigeon AND Paintball- Stag Do Combo

This place is awesome. You get the chance to not only blow your friends away with paintball guns, but you also get to be a sharpshooter and do some clay pigeon shooting as well. This is one place that really does have it all. So if you and your stag group need to shoot something then there is no better place in the Manchester area.

Key Features

Paintball and clay pigeon shooting are two of the most popular stag do events. The reason for this is really quite simple and that is us blokes love to shoot stuff and pretend we are Rambo. Well now you get the chance to do that in what is regarded by many as the best of the best when it comes to shooting in the North West. Set in an amazing woodland of over 200 acres this place feel like it just goes on for miles.

The main event here if you ask me has to be the paintballing course that they have. Many places in the UK offer stag groups the chance to come and have a game of paintball. But they are only as good as the setting they are in and this one goes above and beyond. In this vast woodland you have tons of different areas to plan attacks, hide, make an ambush and run around crazy. You have things that make the game so much more exciting, like forts, mini villages, trenches, bridges and even swamps just to name a few. You will feel like you are playing a scene from the movie Platoon as that is the kind of feel that this place has. It’s this setting that makes this the place people want to go and have a game of paintball.

This is all very well organised and once you have arrived they waste no time getting you ready. You will be making use of their latest paintballing equipment ranging from top of the line fog proof goggles and protective wear to make sure that you are safe at all times. Each of you will also be given 300 paintballs for you gun! Which is more than many other places will offer you. Once you have picked your teams and decided on the rules you are going to abide by then it’s off to war you go! And it’s only fair that the losing team have to do some kind of dare or at the very least get the first drinks in!

As well as paintball there is a great section where you can enjoy a more relaxing day of clay pigeon shooting. Here you will need to have your wits about you as this is more about skill than playing paintball is. Still this is a really fun way to spend the day and even have a little competition with your mates.

They open their doors at 10:00 and you will need to have at least 8 people in your stag group. When you call let them know what kind of day you are after in regards to paintballing and clay pigeon shooting and they will give you their expert advice on what’s best for your stag group. And as you will be running, jumping and diving around the woods a change of clothes is a very good idea!

Reasons Why Paintball & Clays Are A Great Stag Do Event

What better way to spend your stag do than in the North West’s number one paintballing area!

You get to use the latest, safest and state of the art paintball equipment.

With a staggering 300 paintballs, none of your friends will be safe from your trigger finger!

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