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The great thing about paintball is that you get an opportunity to shoot your mates with some real intent. Sometimes it hurts a bit- sometimes it hurts a lot. What are you hoping for?
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Paintballing Stag Day Idea

Lock and load men and make sure that your team is the last one standing and that your enemies are laying on the floor in a pool of, well not blood, but paint. Paintball is an awesome stag do activity so book now and get ready for war!

Key Features

What is it about us guys that makes us love to shoot things? Seriously since we were kids we loved toy guns and now thanks to paintball we get to shout our friends not with imaginary bullets or lasers, soft Nerf bullets, but we actually get to shoot them with something that has a little weight behind it! Make no mistake about it while this is a great deal of fun at the end of the day you will be black and blue, but you will also have a big stupid grin on your face as well.

While the shooting each other is clearly the main draw of coming to this amazing paintball centre in Manchester. There is more to paintball than just running around like a nutcase shooting at people. You see if you guys really get into it and have your teams coming up with cool strategies and actually planning your attacks then I am sure you will have even more fun. Hey do not get me wrong there is nothing wrong at all with at some point during the day you grab the groom and you all just lay into him with paintballs! But when you are actually playing the game it is best when you guys really get into it!

This paintball centre is really well designed and the place actually looks kind of like a set from a cool Arnold Schwarzenegger 1980’s style action movie. Or if you want, think of it like a level from one of the Call Of Duty games. This really does add to the atmosphere and it also means that there are many places where you can do things like hide and wait for one of the enemy to stupidly wander past and then shoot them in the back, actually its much funnier if you shoot them right in the ass! Or you can use the area to plan a tactical assault or you can find an area when things are not going to good to bunker down and fight off the enemy! No matter how you approach the game I assure you that a ton of laughs will be had.

You are looking at about two hours here. That of course includes your checking in and getting a safety briefing as well as learning how to use the paintball guns and not shoot yourself in the face. This does not take too long and before you know it you will be out on the course. You will need to have a minimum of ten people in your stag group. And the more people you have the more people on each team there will be.

Reasons Why Paintball Is A Great Stag Do Event

Is there anything more fun than shooting a good friend right in the back then laughing at him?

A well designed course means that you guys can really get into it and live out your action hero fantasies!

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