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t’s time to get dirty! No not like that! I am talking about tearing it up around the countryside on some amazing, high powered quad bikes. What a time your stags are going to have here.
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Quad Biking 

It’s time to get dirty! No not like that! I am talking about tearing it up around the countryside on some amazing, high powered quad bikes. Looking for a fun stag do event that everyone can do? Then quad biking is for you.

Key Features

Is there more of a classic stag do event than a bunch of blokes on quad bikes…… well maybe a strip club, but today we are talking about ripping around some rough terrain and giving the groom a stag do to remember as you get to drive some of the most powerful quad bikes in the country!

If you ask me which you did not, but I will tell you anyway. Quad bikes are the ultimate universal vehicle as pretty much anyone can drive them. They are really not hard to jump on and at the very least just get going. Now driving them well is a totally different matter. And one of the joys of coming to a place like this is seeing that one guy in your stag group who either gets stuck in the mud, falls off or just sucks harder than anything has sucked before at riding a quad bike. The cool thing though is these are so much fun even if you are the one who struggles that you still will have a great time.

When you first get here an instructor will let you guys know how to drive the quad bikes. Do not worry this is just a little crash course and more of a “safety” thing. Once you are done with this and know what you are doing you the get to take on one of the most unique, but also fun quad bike courses in the whole of the area. When you get a good straight bit of land you will be amazed at just how powerful these quad bikes are and the kind of speed they can go is pretty intense. But then you will come to some of the tricky parts of the course. There will be puddles filled with mud that will ensure you are covered head to toe when you come out the other side. There are these crazy inclines that look like they will be impossible for the quad bike to get up and there are steep slopes where you can pick up even more speed and there are bushes that seem to get in your way as well! This is a fun course that has a few challenges, but it has been designed with being fun first and foremost.

The total time for this quad biking adventure is around the hour mark. The start time of the event is at ten in the morning. This has been done on purpose as they know that stag groups love to have plenty of drinking time! When you book let them know how many are in your stag group as they can handle a decent amount of people.

Reasons Why Quad Biking Is A Great Stag Do Event

Go on a crazy quad biking adventure that is set on a course 9 miles long.

Straddle some of the most powerful quad bikes in the UK.

Get nice and muddy as you climb hills and fly down steep slopes.

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