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This has to be one of the coolest (no pun intended )Stag Party Ideas. How often have you fancied having a go but never had the chance- Add it as part of a Stag day for the biggest blast ever.
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Indoor Ski or Snowboarding For Stags

Snowboarding and skiing is one of those things that I am sure many of you have thought “that looks cool” but for some reason have never tried it. Well now thanks to this amazing snowboarding and skiing centre in Manchester, your stag group can hit the slopes and have an amazing time.

Key Features

Now what we have here is a fun little stag do event that has been designed for stag groups to come to, have a great time and then still have the rest of the day to hit the pubs and clubs of Manchester. If you are looking for a really fun stag do event that you can do in around an hour then you have found it here. This is one of the most popular indoor ski centres, resorts or whatever the heck you want to call it in the UK.

What you and the rest of the stag group are getting here is a fun little taster of the world of skiing and snowboarding. If this is something that you have always wanted to try, but have though that it’s just for rich dudes then now you can. You will be given a beginners level skiing or snowboarding lesson. The whole aim here is to teach you guys the basics so that you can have some fun going down the slopes, making turns and doing 360 degree jumps of the ten foot ledge….. only joking hey you can try and do a jump, but when you break your leg do not blame me! This place actually has the longest indoor snow slope in the whole of the UK, so as I am sure you have imagined you pick up some real speed!

The tuition is just top of the line and things will be explained to you in a easy to follow manor. But as with anything like this a huge part of the fun is the fact that not everyone is going to be able to do this. And it’s very funny to laugh your ass of at your mate who keeps hitting the deck.

As you are on a “beginners taster lesson” they know that pretty much no one in your stag group is going to have any equipment or appropriate clothing, hell if you have a woolly hat with you that is more than most people have! So you can get all that stuff here and they will rent it all to you so you will be fully equipped when you are on the slopes. Many people have said that this taster lesson does actually get them want to take up skiing or snowboarding as a hobby. This is just a really fun stag do event and one that everyone can have a great time with.

Reasons Why This Is A Great Stag Do Event

You get to go really fast on the UK’s largest indoor ski slope!

A fun little taster session that caters for people who have never stepped foot on a snowboard before.

It’s an hour of nonstop fun, leaving you loads to time to get drunk in the evening!

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