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Manchester Stag Weekends

Here are some top reasons to book your Manchester Stag with StagDoParty

  • We are very flexible and will help you craft your perfect stag do
  • Our online tools are the easiest and most reliable there is
  • We are party experts so let us do our thing! And you can have a hassle free stag weekend
  • We offer the biggest and best choice of stag do activities
  • With a simple phone call- your whole stag weekend can be booked and sorted in no time-free!

Stop Right There

CLICK HERE NOW and we will organise your Stag Weekend for FREE!

Or call us on 0207 183 8687 and one of our team will sort your weekend out over the phone

Save up to £300* by booking one of the packages inc. accommodation below


Top Manchester Stag Weekend Packages

The Bare Essentials

This package is great if you just want the basics, drinking, the ladies and of course somewhere to get your head down.►2 nights accommodation, Lap Dancing Club Entry and Nightclub Entry both nights.
  • Location: Manchester
  • Paint The Town

    SAVE £9
    The ladies and paintball, but not at the same time, this package has day and night time activities.►2 nights accommodation, lap dancing club entry, nightclub entry on both nights and paintball.
  • Location: Manchester
  • Need for Speed

    SAVE £12
    Get a hold of your mates and try Manchester for the weekend - Do you have the nerve to keep your foot to the floor►2 nights accommodation, Lap Dancing Club Entry, Karting and Nightclub Entry.
  • Location: Manchester
  • The Magnificent Seven

    SAVE £18
    Which one of you will be the luckiest - a few surprises are in store during your weekend in Manchester►2 nights accommodation, Casino, Lap Dancing Club Entry, Quad Biking, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Party on a Bus.
  • Location: Manchester
  • And We Should Go To Manchester Because???

    Let’s go mad for it!!! I think that is still a Manchester term? Anyway sometimes when you are organising your stag do you just want to come to a big city that you know is going to offer both great entertainment during the day and also have a cracking nightlife. Well Manchester sure as hell ticks both those boxes. But also Manchester has a vast array of places for a group of stags to stay (which by the way we will take care of for you!) As well as having just a ton of great stag events for you boys to get up to. Manchester also has a “buzzing” music scene with a ton of great venues that have live music on all through the year.

    Manchester Fact

    A meeting between football club representatives at Manchester’s Royal Hotel (now demolished) on 17th April 1888 saw the creation of the Football League, a professional football competition and predecessor of the Premiership

    Manchester as well as having a cool night life and plenty of things to get up to during the day also has some other things worth checking out. For example if you want to do a little shopping then head to The Trafford Centre which as well as offering shopping also has some bars, entertainment and a huge cinema as well. If you want to do something a little more sophisticated then head to Salford's Lowry. Manchester just has plenty of tourist type things to get up to. For the football fans there are tours of Old Trafford and The Etihad Stadium where you can see the stadiums, museum and learn about two of the biggest football clubs in the world.

    Tell Me All About The Manchester Night Life!

    Man I could write a freaking book on all the cool things you can do on a night out in Manchester, but I have for you here just a little taste of what makes this city so awesome!

    I want to start with where you guys will grab a bite to eat. The Curry Mile is called that because of the crazy amount of “hot” restaurants along this road that will blow your mind. So come and take the Curry Mile challenge and see if you can handle the hottest food on the planet!

    If you gents want to partake in a little gambling in Manchester then this is the only casino you want to go to. Now the reason I say this is not just because they offer all your favourite games such as Blackjack, poker and a ton of slots, but because they welcome stags here with open arms.

    Casino fun Night In Manchester

    We can arrange a great deal here where you not only get entry, but also some “free” money to play a few of the games with and have a few go’s on the slot machines. Add into this they have gaming tuition and a buffet and Grosvenor Casino where you can have some fun, win big and grab something to eat. If your stag party want to do a little gambling then this is where you need to be. Even you non gamblers can have fun here with a drink in your hand offering some encouragement onto your mates who could win some big money…… and maybe throw you a couple of quid if they do.

    Oh yeahhhhhh! No stag weekend is complete without seeing a naked chick and at Silks you are just getting to see nothing, but sexy ladies. They offer some amazing stag shows here and when you see some of the sexy pole dancing moves you will be looking for something to cover your own pole! To make this a really special stag night then why not chip in and get the groom a fully nude private dance. I am pretty sure that legally, stag nights need to have a naked chick grinding on the groom to be!

    This could be your lucky night- bump and grind!

    All aboard the HMS 69 !!! If you want to party it up in Manchester, but want to do something a little more extreme, different and just flat out cooler than the same old pub crawl then get on this boat. This is the ultimate stag group party machine. These guys love stag groups and will make sure that you have a great night with the booze keeping on flowing, the tunes keep on pumping and maybe there will even be a Hen party on board for you boys to try and score with as well. Seeing Manchester drift by with a drink in your hand is just such a cool feeling. So come on board the HMS 69 and make your stag do one to remember.

    What Kind Of Shenanigans Can You Get Up To During The Day?

    So the night part of your Manchester stag weekend is easy to organise, but this city also has some cool stuff for you guys to get up to during the day.We constantly have new ideas to keep the lads busy. Look at some of this stuff below

    So your mate may think he has the moves of Gareth Bale and that even though he is in his 30’s he can still sign for UTD one day, but how good are his footie skills when he is in a freaking bubble? This is just so much fun and the great way to spend some time together. Bubble Football is a great take on the beautiful game where your upper bodies are literally in a bubble. This throws all your senses off and you will spend as much time rolling around the floor as you do running down the wing. Skill plays no part here so even the “non” footballers of your stag group will have fun here.

    Manchester Fact

    11 million bricks were used in the construction of Manchester Viaduct. Taking all the bricks and lining them up end to end the bricks would go all the way to Madrid and back to Manchester (Similarly, if you then piled all the bricks up in the shape of Manchester Viaduct they would just equal the length of the viaduct- amazing?)

    Come and prove that you are the ultimate driver here at this amazing indoor go karting track. This will let you race in some of the fastest go karts around on one of the best designed in door go kart tracks in the whole country. This is a great way for you guys to have a little friendly competition where the winner can get a few free pints when you hit the town. This is just a really cool place that has friendly staff who will make sure you stags are treated like rock stars. Go karts are a real classic when it comes to stag do events.

    You guys want to feel like you are in a video game like Halo then you need to come to the best laser tag place on the planet. Laser Combat is just so much fun and offers many benefits over paintballing. First of all it does not hurt when you get shot, but best of all there is no running out of ammo and then getting hustled to buy more! Laser Combat will allow you to unleash your inner bad ass and prove that you are the ultimate survivor. A great time is guaranteed here and you will be talking about your laser battle for years to come!

    Snowboarding and skiing thought to be only for the super-rich on holidays to Aspen can be done by you maniacs on your stag do without leaving the UK and going broke!

    Who says you cannot go skiing in August in Manchester?

    Come to Chill Factor home to the UK’s largest indoor snow slopes. A stag weekend should be a time when you do something a little crazy and a little different. So come here get a quick lesson and then go on the slopes and see how you do! I am sure you will spend most of the day flat on your face or ass, but it’s still a great time. And let me tell you there is nothing funnier than watching a good friend fall down and get hurt.

    How Do We Get To Manchester?

    As one of the largest and most popular cities in the UK, Manchester is not going to cause you any headaches finding it at all. By car, Manchester is pretty much connected to the whole of the UK via some of the best motorway links of any UK city. And buses and trains are pulling into here all the freaking time. Or if you want you can even fly into Manchester. So as you can see getting here is not any trouble at all! The ease of getting here is one of the things that make it such a popular destination for stag groups

    What Is It That Makes Manchester Really Special?

    There are some people out there… let’s call them snobs, know it all’s or just general weirdo’s who seem to think Manchester is a “rough” place. This is not the case it’s just such a huge ass city that has a ton of personality and also a vast amount of great areas to go to. There are many historical/touristy type areas and as we have established above. There is just a crap load of stuff to do here. Manchester is a city that has a real charm to it and once you come here on your stag weekend, you will know what we are talking about.



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