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Manchester Stag Night Ideas

You know that as soon as someone says that Manchester is where you’re going for your stag night that you are in for an amazing time! Manchester is one of the top stag do locations in the UK and that is because there is just so much going on here. From its amazing music scene, tonnes of pubs and nightclubs and plenty lap dancing clubs, it’s impossible not to have an amazing time here!

Top three nighttime activities in Manchester

Our Top Stag Night Ideas for Manchester

Casino Experience

£ 24.99
Join the high rollers at this Manchester Casino. Experience what it must be like in Las Vegas- Ok almost! Great fun and loads of laughs as fortunes are made and lost at this Casino Stag Night
  • Reference: PR-1554
  • Min No: 10
  • Comedy Show - Saturday

    £ 29.99
    There is no finer way to start off your Stag Night than at this Comedy Club in Manchester. Top stand up acts hosted by a talented compere will ensure that your Stags are more than happy.
  • Reference: PR-7073
  • Female Stripper

    £ 144.99
    Will you keep it a secret from the main man or will you let him know whats in store - your secret is safe with us!!!
  • Reference: PR-8867
  • Lap Dancing Club

    £ 9.99
    This is Manchester's top lap Dancing club with the hottest girls ready and eager to get their kit off in the most provacative way- Stag Heaven
  • Reference: PR-1559
  • Min No: 6
  • Nightclub Entry

    £ 9.99
    Tiger Tiger has eight different themed bars all under one roof and by booking here you are able to shoot to the front of the line and avoid freezing your ass off outside waiting to get in!
  • Reference: PR-1549
  • Min No: 6
  • Party on a Bus

    £ 29.95
    This is Manchester's No1 Stag Night party on a bus. No freezing your ass of wandering the streets from pub to pub when the ClubClass Bus takes you from door to door.
  • Reference: PR-4943
  • Min No: 10
  • Restaurant - Spanish

    £ 21.99
    Genuine Spanish style tapas meal. Choose from over 30 tapas dishes as well as from a range of Spanish beers and wines - a chance to catch up with your mates before hitting the town...
  • Reference: PR-3068
  • The most awesome stag night ideas in Manchester

    You can really go ‘mad for it’ at these Manchester stag night venues. These are the most popular places that stag groups like to hit in Manchester.

    One of the – if not the – most diverse nightclub in Manchester is Tiger Tiger. This club is famous for having eight different rooms, each one with its own theme. There’s this really cool dance floor that lights up in the Groovy Wonderland bit, where you can have a wild party and impress the Manchester ladies with your Saturday Night Fever-inspired dance moves. Or if you want a more low-key, VIP area, then the Opal Bar is for you. You can also get hooked up with guest list entry so you don’t have to freeze your balls off waiting in the queue outside!

    Any respectable stag night simply must have a pitstop at a lap dancing club, and one of the very best that you can go to in Manchester is Silks. Now, because I am a nice guy, I spent about four hours in here making sure that it was good for you guys. And I can safely say that this place is amazing! The pole dancing shows, the erotic stage shows and the fully nude private dances... Yeah, that’s right: fully nude private dances! All this makes Silks a highlight of any Manchester stag night.

    A pub crawl is something that has been happening on stag nights all over the world for roughly two million years. Well, the Club Class Bus is kind of like the ultimate pub crawl, where the party never stops. The Club Class Bus is a custom-made, double-decker bus that has a DJ booth, amazing sound system, staff who are freaking nuts and even a stripper pole! The Club Class Bus will take you to three different bars and also one of the best Manchester nightclubs. There will most likely be a tonne of chicks on the Club Class Bus, as hen parties use it as well! They do not serve booze on board, but they do encourage you to bring a few dozen six-packs of your own.

    If you have your sea legs and want to do something that is really out of the ordinary, then get on board the awesomely named HMS 69 party boat! Drinking on a boat is a really weird, surreal and very cool experience. I know that when we were on board we spent a tonne of time just taking in the night with some beers! Do not get me wrong, there is one hell of a party atmosphere on board as they have an amazing sound system, DJ and they also have a tonne of women on board most of the time as well. And let me tell you boys that when the women get out on the open sea, all hell can break loose. So you single blokes may very well get lucky, if you know what I’m saying!

    Hey, sometimes you just cannot fit in a lap dancing club, but you still want to see a hot lady take her clothes off. Well, if that is the case then you maniacs can hire a smoking hot female stripper to come to a location of your choosing, be it your hotel room or maybe you can get the ok from a bar to have it happen there. This is really fun, and the stripper will make sure that the groom is getting a lot of special attention!

    Last up I have for you a really cool casino! Actually, calling Manchester 235 just a casino is doing the place a huge disservice. While they do have the slots, blackjack, poker and every other game you can imagine, this is really an all-in-one entertainment venue. Along with the casino there is a nice bar to have a few drinks, a restaurant that serves some damn fine food, and even a live music/entertainment venue! This is just an awesome place, and I can tell you that one night we spent here which was supposed to be just a couple of hours in the casino, turned into a whole night of drunken debauchery!

    A few more crazy Manchester stag night ideas!

    I am not done with you gents just yet, keep on reading and you will find even more amazing things that you guys can get up to here in Manchester.

    For a night of pants pissing laughter, you guys will want to go to Manchester’s best comedy club, The Comedy Store! These guys know their stuff and I had a fantastic time here, we made sure to tell them that we were a stag group, and to say we were taken care of is an understatement! They had three different acts on the stage (which can be different depending on the night you go), and they also manage to attract some very well-known comedians, thanks to it being a 500-seat venue. They also offer food and VIP rooms, and in general it’s a great way to start your stag night! If you are looking for a place that will start your Manchester stag night off the right way, then this my friends is it!

    Ok, so here I have something that most people do during the day on a stag do, but this place is open until 11pm, so if you want something a bit more action-packed then how about a game of late night laser tag! This is awesome and you can run around having a wild time (maybe while you are fuelled from the beers that you had just before you came here?) and do something a little out of the ordinary on a stag night. Having some fun here then hitting the pubs is a great way to make sure you have a fun stag night.

    I know that I have already recommended one lap dancing club for you up top, but man, did I have one hell of a fantastic evening at Baby Platinum! This is a great lap dancing club with some of the sexiest ladies I have ever seen on a Friday night! They offer the usual main shows that you would expect, but Baby Platinum has some of the most awesome VIP booths that I have ever been in. One other thing I have to mention is that the staff – right from the blokes on the door to the people behind the bar – were all really friendly.  There is nothing wrong with hitting a lap dancing club on both nights of a stag weekend, is there?

    Lastly, I have a place that rocks! I think that Satan’s Hollow has the best name for a nightclub I have ever heard! This is a heavy metal nightclub that is just amazing. They have this huge ass devil as their mascot and they play all kinds of rock music, from 80’s stuff to more modern rock as well. If you guys love your rock and heavy metal and want a club that offers a fantastic night, then this is the place. They had a Papa Roach theme night on when I was here, but one of the blokes I spoke to did say they have theme nights on all the time! For you guys who are not into the whole dance scene, Satan’s Hollow is the club for you!

    Making sure your Manchester stag night is mad for it!

    Here is a little guide of need-to-know information that I have put together based on my successful nights out in Manchester.

    Classy eating

    Evuna is a really nice and somewhat fancy Spanish restaurant that is just perfect if you guys want to eat in a place that is just a wee bit more upmarket, but not over the top pretentious, or so swanky that you guys will be asked to leave before you even set foot in the place. They have a good menu with food from many different Spanish regions, and in general it’s just a damn nice place for a good meal.

    ‘Normal’ eating

    I know better than anyone that finding a place to eat on a stag night that has a menu which has something for everyone can be a freaking nightmare, and make you want to punch people in the face! Well, Bella Italia is an Italian restaurant that has some pretty special spaghetti and pasta dishes, as well as some pretty basic pizzas for the more fussy eaters.

    Late night taxis in Manchester

    Sometimes you have too much to drink and need a wee bit of help getting back to your hotel. Sometimes you hook up with a chick who once you sober up a bit looks like Jabba The Hut. These are two examples when a late night, no questions asked kind of taxi service is needed. Well, firms like Street Cars Mantax offer a 24-hour, 7 days a week taxi service.

    I got hit in the eye by Noel Gallagher’s guitar pick (where to get medical treatment)

    I know that sometimes things can get just a little out of hand on a stag night, and that one of you may need a bandage on a boo boo! Well, the Manchester Royal Infirmary can save your ass if there is some kind of emergency. But please just try to have a mental time, but make sure everyone goes home without any major injuries…  mainly to save you a good 20 minute nagging from your wife or girlfriend.

    Live music

    Manchester has perhaps the best live music scene in the whole of the UK. There are just a tonne – and I really mean a tonne – of bars that host live bands. But if you want to see some of the bigger and more mainstream bands, then the main two places are the more intimate O2 Apollo and the larger Manchester Arena, which attracts the top acts from all over the world.

     A more chilled out stag night

    If you want a stag night that is a little more laid back, then head up (yes up) to Cloud 23! This is the highest bar in Manchester, and with its glass walls (well, windows) you feel like you are on the top of the world! This is just a really laid back bar where you can have a few drinks, eat some nice food and have a more relaxed time.





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