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This package is great if you just want the basics, drinking, the ladies and of course somewhere to get your head down.►2 nights accommodation, Lap Dancing Club Entry and Nightclub Entry both nights.
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Manchester Bare Essentials Stag Weekend

When we say bare essentials we are not talking about the Jungle Book, wait that was bare necessities, ok let’s move on. What we have here is a stag weekend package that is low on price, but high on fun. Sometimes a group of lads just want the basics. We are talking about entry to a top nightclub and of course a nice lap dancing club. That is what you are getting with this bare essentials package. So if funds are tight and you want to have a great stag weekend then look no further!

What’s The Deal?

2 Nights Accommodation

Friday, Lap Dancing Club Entry

Saturday, Nightclub Entry

Key Features

Look we know that times are tough and while  stag weekend in Amsterdam sounds like a great idea the fact is chances are not all your mates could afford to do this. But with this package you are getting a fantastic stag weekend at a prices that will keep everyone in your stag group happy.

Accommodation: We know that finding a decent place to stay during a stag weekend that is not a total rip off is really hard, but luckily we have a pretty good relationship with many places in Manchester. We have some pretty awesome hostel style accommodation for you. You boys will be staying in a room kind of like a dormitory. So you will all be sleeping together (no not like that) in the same room. These places are more than enough for your stag weekend and they offer free Wi-Fi, lockers to store your stuff, security system and they even have a few vending machines so you can grab a few quick snacks and drinks. In all this may not be the Ritz, but it serves as a perfect base for your stag weekend.

Friday, Lap Dancing Club: The lap dancing club that we have picked for you guys is one of the very best in the city if not the best. Its right in the heart of Manchester so you can do a pub crawl in the town and then end up at this amazing lap dancing club. A lap dancing club is an essential part of a stag weekend if you ask me and you guys will leave this place in the early hours of the morning with a big smile on your face and a big…..

You will get to see some of the sexiest ladies that the city of Manchester has to offer. There is always a fantastic atmosphere in here and you are guaranteed a great time. You are just getting top of the line entertainment here. You will get to witness some spell binding stag shows where some of the hottest women from all over the world seduce you with an erotic dance. Also they offer some amazing pole dancing shows. One really cool thing about this place is that as well as having topless girls, they also are offering fully nude ladies as well! If you want you can partake in a special fully nude dancing show in your own little private booth.

One thing I want to mention is that if you are able to take your eyes of all the ladies that you will notice there are huge ass HDTV’s all over the place that show some kind of sporting action. Also they have a few different fully stocked bars. So no matter what your poison is you will be more than taken care of here. This is the perfect way to end the first night of your stag weekend!

Saturday, Nightclub Entry: Look we know that time is short on a stag weekend and the last thing you want to be doing is standing in the freezing cold trying to strike a deal with a bouncer to let you. There is no bouncer in the country who is letting a group of blokes without any women with them into the club. But that is not how we role! We will make sure that you are all on the guest list and that you will get straight into Tiger Tiger. This is one of the most popular night clubs in the whole city.

Tiger Tiger is one of the largest nightclubs that you will ever go into. Seriously these dude cater to everyone. The place has an astonishing eight different areas inside the club for you to party in. So if you are a 90’s dance music kind of guy there will be a room for you. If you are a bit more of an 80’s party hits kind of man then there will be a room playing that kind of music as well. No matter your style you will find a place to party at Tiger Tiger.

So let’s take a closer look at the different rooms that are on offer here. If you want to kick back in a room that is nice and comfortable then you want to head to the Kaz Bar. But if you want to go a little bit crazy and really party then you need to head to the Groovy Wonderland room that is famous for its crazy light up dance floor. These are just two of the rooms that are on offer in Tiger Tiger. Also as they have all these rooms they just have a crazy amount of bars for you to get a drink at. So there is no waiting in huge lines to get a drink.  If one bars line is a little to long for you, well then just go and find another.

Reasons Why This Is A Great Stag Weekend

The price for this weekend of partying is just insane!

You get to go to the best lap dancing club in Manchester and really send the groom off in style!

You get to close out your stag weekend at Tiger Tiger the biggest and best club in Manchester.


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