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The ladies and paintball, but not at the same time, this package has day and night time activities.►2 nights accommodation, lap dancing club entry, nightclub entry on both nights and paintball.
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Paint the Town, Manchester Stag Do Package

We have put together a great little stag weekend package for you boys here. We have taken two things that you guys love and that is shooting things and  sexy ladies and we have built this package around that….. wait that sounded a little bit dodgy didn’t it? What I am talking about here is a stag weekend that will have you paintballing, checking out smoking hot ladies at a lap dancing club and partying the night away in one of the UK’s best nightclubs. This package does not mess around and if you want the ultimate stag weekend then you need to pick this!

What’s The Deal?

2 Nights’ Accommodation

Friday, Lap Dancing Club Entry

Friday, Nightclub Entry

Saturday, Paintballing

Saturday, Nightclub Entry

Key Features

Ok listen up! We are not messing around here. If you have been pissing around trying to find that perfect stag weekend that ticks all the boxes for what a group of gents want then look no more! So read on to find out what exactly this amazing package offers.

Accommodation: One of the absolute worst things about planning a weekend away is not getting screwed over with overpriced accommodation! Well we will not allow that to happen as included with this package are two nights’ accommodation in one of the best hostels in the city. You guys will have your own dorm style room which is fun as you can mess with your mates who have passed out drunk! This is right in the heart of Manchester so it serves as a great base camp for you guys. As well as offering a bed for the night you are getting, wash facilities, free Wi-Fi, storage lockers, security and vending machines where you can grab a bite to eat. This serves as a great place for you guys to rest in between your stag weekend mayhem!

Lap Dancing Club: When it came to picking the lap dancing club for this package it took us all of about three seconds! We have picked the best lap dancing club that Manchester has to offer you guys. It’s in a prime locating right in the city so you can go on a good old pub crawl and then end up at the lap dancing club where you can check out some sexy ladies, have a few drinks and make your pants just that little bit tighter if you know what I mean! A stag weekend simply must involve taking the groom to a lap dancing club. I am pretty sure it’s the law!

There are no fugly chicks here they only hire the best looking girls not just from Manchester, but from other parts of the world as well. It’s like everywhere you look there is some amazing looking woman. These ladies do more than just stand around. You will be entertained with some amazing, sexy and just downright hot stage shows that will make you sweat. And you will also get to check out some just first class pole dancing as well.

One thing that sets this place apart from the rest is that if you want you can actually move to a smaller, more private booth and partake in a little fully nude lap dancing! Not to many places offer fully nude these days. There is no better gift you can give the groom than a fully nude lap dance. As well as the ladies, you also have a few bars so you guys can keep the drinks flowing.

Nightclub: Manchester is one of the best places in the UK for a great night out with that comes some really horribly long lines outside! No one in the world wants to line up to get in somewhere so with that in mind we have made sure that both nights you will be on the guest list at Tiger Tiger. This is the only nightclub that you need to go to in Manchester. Is the biggest and best and by far the most popular and thanks to being on the guest list you guys get to go right on in.

Tiger Tiger is just a bad ass nightclub and as soon as you walk into the place you are just like whoa as you realise how large it is! They do not mess around here and their aim is to cater to everyone who comes in their doors. They do this by offering a crazy eight different rooms for you to party in. Each one has its own vibe and style. So if you want to kick back, nodding your head while listening to some RnB then you can, but if you are in the mood to party then you can go to a room that is just nonstop dance tunes.

The different rooms each have their own style and a huge part of the fun is going from room to room and trying to find where you fit in. If you want to really party then you need to head to the dance floor that is actually full of lights which is located in the Groovy Wonderland room. I swear you will feel like John Travolta from Saturday Night Fever when you are getting down here. If you are looking more to kick back with a couple of drinks then you will want to head to the laid back Kaz Bar. This is just a small example of what Tiger Tiger has to offer.

Paintball: On the Saturday you guys get to have some fun and hurt each other by coming to the most amazing indoor paintball place in the UK. This is huge, we are talking well over 12,000 square feet of places to run, hide and jump. Paintball is the perfect stag weekend activity! There is nothing more fun that shooting each other. This is just a high class place all the way.

You will get to play out really cool different scenarios that will see you having to attack and defend different places and objects. It really does make you feel like you are actually in a video game. You will be put into teams, told the rules and then it’s time to unleash hell on your opponents! You get to use the latest paintball guns and you will also be kitted out in the latest safety gear. So go on, shoot your best mate right in the ass at point blank range, you know you want to!

Reasons Why This Is A Great Stag Weekend

You are on the guest list for the hottest nightclub in the city for both nights and you also get entry into the best lap dancing club.

This package is awesome and it lets you paint the town with some amazing, over the top and intense paintballing action in a huge indoor paintball arena.

The package includes two nights accommodation at a really cool hostel. 

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