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Get a hold of your mates and try Manchester for the weekend - Do you have the nerve to keep your foot to the floorâ–º2 nights accommodation, Lap Dancing Club Entry, Karting and Nightclub Entry.
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Manchester Speed Lovers Stag Weekend

Ok men if you have the need for speed and want to get some racing action in on your stag weekend, but at the same time still want to pound your liver into submission with alcohol and check out some beautiful ladies in a lap dancing club! Then this is the stag weekend package for you guys! We have worked our asses off to make this package happen and we are more than confident that you petrol heads will have the time of your lives!

What’s The Deal?

2 Nights Multi Occupancy Accommodation

Friday, Lap Dancing Club

Saturday, Go Kart Racing

Saturday, Nightclub Entry

Key Features

This is the stag weekend you need to book if the groom and the rest of you gents are into racing as this is based around a great Saturday of racing action at Manchester’s best go kart track! Read on to see what other cool stuff you will get up to on this amazing weekend!

Accommodation: We are pretty tight with many of the hotels in the Manchester area and as a result we know which ones are a perfect fit for a group of blokes. The hotel that we book for you will be a multi occupancy accommodation style rooms. No do not hear the term multi occupancy and start freaking out about having to share your room with some weird guy who may be a serial killer. The rooms will just be shared by you guys and no random dudes. This hotel will serve as a great base for your weekend. If you want to pay a little extra then you can upgrade to single rooms or even a more fancy hotel.

Friday, Lap Dancing Club: Once you have hit a few pubs in Manchester then it’s onto the first part of this amazing stag weekend! We have arranged for you boys to roll into the best lap dancing club, Manchester has to offer. There is no haggard looking chicks here. They only have the best of the best when it comes to the ladies and you will even see a few “imports” as well as they have dancers from other parts of the world performing here.

The atmosphere here is amazing and you are guaranteed a fantastic time. You will be entertained the whole time that you are in here. Some of the stage shows that these ladies will be putting on are just mind blowing and you will wonder how they are able to get their body into such a position! As well as some erotic stage shows, you will also get to see some amazing pole dancing sessions as well. There is just something so mesmerising about watching a half-naked chick do pole dancing. If you want you can move to a more private area of the club and have a fully nude dance!!!! That is right this place is one of the rare lap dancing clubs that offers fully nude lap dancing.

If you can take your eyes of the sexy ladies then you will notice that there are these huge HDTV’s around the place that have live sport on them. There are also a few different bars that serve a great range of alcohol. No matter what kind of drink you are after they will have you covered. The only thing better than sitting with your mates with your favourite drink in your hand is doing it while a naked chick is dancing in front of you!

Saturday, Go Kart Racing: The main event of this amazing package is the go karting racing that you boys get to do. If you feel like you are the ultimate driver, but you have a mate who also thinks he is. Well now you get to put the pedal to the metal and see  who really is the best driver! This is a really fun day out and serves as something that will make this a very memorable stag weekend not just for the groom, but the rest of you guys as well.

This place will kit you out in all the coolest safety gear and you will get to drive some fast as hell go karts as you try to prove that you are the best driver. The go karts are really cool, but the real star here is the track. It has been very well designed so that there are plenty of sections where you can put your foot down and really let the go karts fly. But at the same time there are some tight turns and obstacles that will separate the bad drivers from the good. Do not worry even if you are the world worst driver and should have had your license taken away years ago, you will still have a great deal of fun here.

Saturday, Nightclub Entry: A nightclub is a must on any respectable stag weekend. And we will make sure that you are on the guest list for Tiger Tiger. This is the best nightclub in Manchester and you guys will have the time of your lives and will blow away at how just amazing this club is. Being on the guest list means that there is no begging, pleading and arguing with some bouncer who looks like he could be the WWE Champion.

Tiger Tiger is a club that wants to be a place where everyone is comfortable. So with this in mind they have eight different areas in the club where each one has its own theme. So if you are a party animal and want to show of your dance moves or hopefully have some hot chick grind up on you. Then you need to go to the Groovy Wonderland room. But if you want things a little more laid back with a bit of a VIP edge then head on into the Kaz Bar.

Reasons Why This Is A Great Stag Weekend

A balls to the wall, need for speed weekend that has you racing, drinking and gawking at chicks.

Guest list entry into both the best nightclub and the best lap dancing club, Manchester has to offer.

You get to put your driving skills to the test on Manchester’s very best go kart track. 

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