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So you think you can eat a hot curry and not need to down a bucket of water...prove it - will you let the main man select his own curry or is that your job...
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Newcastle Stag Night Curry Challenge

You think you are something of a curry expert do you? The kind of bloke who can eat the hottest curry on the planet and not need to down a pint of water afterwards or suffer from crazy hallucinations? Well put your taste buds to the test as you have some fun with the Newcastle Curry Challenge.

Key Features

If you think you know curry then you need to come to the Rupali Restaurant. In the heart of Newcastle where all the action is, this is the best way to make a real big deal out of your meal when it comes to your stag night. Let’s face it many stag groups know that they have to eat while on a night out, but eating literally eats into their drinking time. But here you get to have some fun while you eat and taste the world’s hottest curry.

I am not messing around here either. I mean literally the world’s hottest curry. I am sure you guys think that I may be over exaggerating and just up selling this place, but I can assure that is not the case. You see the Rupali Restaurant is world famous and actually is listed in the Guinness World Records book for hoe amazing they are! If you love curry then there is no other place you need to go.

The Rupali Restaurant has been open for over 30 years now and they have appeared in a number of cooking shows, books, websites, blogs and pretty much anything that has something to do with food. This is one of the most happening and cool spots in the whole of Newcastle and there is no better way to start your stag night than by taking on the amazing spicy hot curry’s that they have! You may think that you are a big man when it comes to curry, but the ones here will singe the short hairs right off you……. And I am sorry for that terrible mental image I just gave you, but that is how hot the curry here really is!

This is just a really cool place to kick back with your best mates and enjoy life. There is a great vibe here and the staff are just awesome. They will make some great recommendations for you guys. They will let Mr Big Mouth who is talking up how his taste buds can handle anything, know what their hottest curry is. And for you more “timid” curry enthusiast they will let you know what type of curry will not have you downing 25 pints of water. At the end of the day this is just a really cool place to have your stag do meal. You will get to have three amazing courses from a well and truly stacked menu, a stacked menu of fiery death!!!!

Reasons Why The Curry Challenge Is A Great Stag Do Event

The hottest curry in the world! This is no advertising slogan either this is the real deal, hottest curry in the world.

A great menu that has a ton of different options for you.

This is a really fun and friendly place to eat and start your stag night. 

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