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A stripper will add a bit of excitement to your evening...
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Newcastle Stag Night Stripper

Hello gents, and hello ladies is what you will be saying as you introduce the amazing stripper that you have booked for the groom…… and the rest of the stag group as well. A stripper is a real classic thing to book when it comes to a stag do and here they only have the very sexiest women for you guys to admire.

Key Features

As long as there have been stag nights there have been strippers who want to entertain the men and give the groom a great send off into his new married life. There is no better way to start your stag night than by booking one of the amazing strippers on offer here, have them come to your hotel room or wherever and put on a show you boys will never forget. Once the show has finished you then can hit the streets of Newcastle and check out all the amazing pubs and clubs that the city has to offer…… all the while with a huge smile on your face after the amazing show you have just seen.

When you book a full nude…. Wait did I just say fully nude???? Oh yeah. This is the real deal when it comes to a stripper no “teasing” here these ladies like to get fully nude and put on a show that you will not be able to take your eyes off! It is one thing seeing a hot lady put on a sexy dance for you, but it’s a whole new ball game when she is wearing nothing, but a smile or a sexy outfit of your choosing.

Yes that is right these strippers have a range of different outfits for you to pick from. So if your groom is say into video games then get the stripper to dress like some kind of action woman similar to Lara Croft. There are plenty of different styles for you to pick from such as the classics as a slutty nurse, sexy police officer, a dominatrix with a real whip! And the American classic the high school cheer leader. When you call  just let them know what kind of thing you are looking for and I am sure you will be well taken care of.

A stripper is a great way to see some sexy lady action without having to spend a ton of time in a lap dancing club or even a ton of money as well. If you want to put a smile on the grooms face for the rest of the night then one of these hot strippers is the way to do it!

Reasons Why A Stripper Is A Great Stag Do Event

A sexy stripper is a stag night classic for a reason, it’s awesome!

Plenty of sexy outfits for you to pick from, so fulfil the grooms fantasy!

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