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Time to find out what this machine is capable of...or what you can make it do...up steep hills down the other side and through muddy water obstacles - don't be the one who gets stuck...
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Off Road 4 x 4 Driving Experience

We all know that the Toon is number one when it comes to the nightlife, but what about during the day? Well you have found the perfect stag do event for you boys to have a ton of fun with. So get behind the wheel of these powerful, custom built off road vehicles and put your driving skills and these cars to the test!

Key Features

Go karts are cool, but if you want to drive something with a little more power and over some terrain that a sane person would drive away from then you have come to the right place. If you want to blow off a little steam, get a real adrenaline kick and put yourself in a good mood for when you hit the pubs and clubs of Newcastle then driving these bad ass, over the top and just down right cool as ice, 4 X 4 vehicles.

This is not farmer Giles 4 X 4 that he uses to chase cows and chickens around the farm or whatever it is a farmer does in a 4 X 4. These bad boys have so much custom stuff on them they should have been featured on an episode of Pimp My Ride. These have been designed to take on any kind of terrain. They are equipped with a snorkel so that they can go into water that you think would be way to deep! A lift so that they can get over rocks and other hard stuff. And as powerful as it is they have put lightweight wheels on this sucker to make it handle like a dream. In all this is just one cool vehicle and it will blow your mind to actually drive it.

The course that you will be driving is just insane and you will wonder just how the hell this 4 X 4 is going to make it up some of these steep slopes. Some are so steep that you will think the vehicle will tip backwards.  Of course when you get up you have to get down and I am not talking about dancing to some Lady Gaga tunes! You have to also drive down some crazy steep slopes as well. Rivers, crazy tunes and just so much more will not only put your own driving skills to the test. But they will also test this 4 X 4 to its limits! The big question is are you man enough to handle this?

There will always be an instructor in the car with you and your mates can be in the back as well. So you will have the instructor offering advice and tips and your mates making fun of your terrible driving skills! But you get to return the favour when it’s their turn to drive.

This driving adventure will last about an hour and you can have a maximum of five people taking part. They are open from 09:30 until 16:30.

Reasons Why 4 X 4 Driving Is A Great Stag Do Event

I guarantee you will have never driven anything as bad ass as this.

A great way to start your stag do before you hit the pubs in the evening.

You can have a fun competition and see who is the ultimate off road driver!

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