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Here is an opportunity to twang more than just bra straps at this Archery range. Will you strike gold here?
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Archery for Stags in Newcastle

Archery is just a really cool thing to do with your mates as part of your stag do. It’s an event that you all can do and while it’s easy to pick up and learn this is one sport that is tough to master. Will you be the one to hit the bulls eye? Or will you be the guy doing the walk of shame to get the arrow that missed the whole target?

Key Features

I am sure that at some point during your childhood you had some kind of bow and arrow set. Heck if you have kids I am sure that they have had one and pretend that they are Green Arrow or Hawkeye. Well now you get to relive your childhood bow and arrow days, but with a bow that can do some real serious damage!

This is a great place that has been purposely built for archery. You will be in very safe hands with instructors who know exactly what they are doing and how to explain the best ways to shoot the arrows. They will make sure that you guys know the basics and that you know how to be safe.

The bows that you use are just flat out crazy when you first see one you will think that you will require Incredible Hulk like strength in order to pull it back hard enough. But that is not the case. These bows are state of the art and they have been designed so that even a child would be able to pull the arrow back. The speed that the arrow goes at is just amazing and the first arrow you shoot will no doubt take you by surprise. Archery is a sport that requires focus, steady hand and good breathing to make sure you take the perfect shot. So there is no need to be in amazing shape to do this.

As this is a stag do then there has to be some kind of competition in place. Who can score the most points? Or who can hit the bulls eye the most time. One thing that usually happens is the guy who absolutely sucks will end up getting a lucky shot and hitting the bulls eye! Ugh how you just want to punch that guy! In all this is just a really fun way to spend an hour with your mates before you hit the pub. Just make sure that the winner of your competition gets a few free pints!

Your day here will last about an hour and you need to have a minimum of ten people in your stag group. Make sure to wear appropriate clothing. The best thing to wear is either a long sleeved t shirt or a jumper.

Reasons Why Archery Is A Great Stag Do Event

Archery is a fun sport that is not just for the super fit so everyone in your stag group would be able to have a fair go.

An hour of action means that there is plenty of time to hit the town afterwards.

Highly skilled archers will make sure that you are safe and know what to do to make sure you guys are having the best time possible. 

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