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All that Beer that is consumed on a Stag Do- have you ever wondered exactly how it is made? This Brewery tour will reveal all the secrets as well as an opportunity to purchase gallons of the stuff
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Brewery Tour For Stags

Ever wondered how the beer you drink is actually made? Well now you can find out in this fascinating and fun tour. Located near Hadrian’s Wall, you will get to sample some amazing beer in a truly wonderful place. Looking for something cool and a little different for your stag do? Then I think you have just found it.

Key Features

Let’s face it most of us guys would turn our noses up at the thought of going to some kind of museum or educational type thing on a stag do. But when you put the word beer or brewery in it. Then all of a sudden our interests are peaked and we are willing to give it a try. This is just a really cool way to spend some time with your mates and learn a thing or two about the whole beer making process.

You will get to learn all about how they make the beer from the very beginning of the process to the putting the beer in a keg. It’s all actually very interesting and more than a few people leave here with the idea that they are going to start making their own beer! They have been known to let the odd gentleman have a little go and get involved with the brewing process. The Malt Loft is located in some amazing lands and you will also be taken out to explore and see how the barley is grown for the beer and maybe even get to take in some of the wildlife as well. In all it just gives you a real appreciate for the way that beer is made.

As this is a brewery there is a bar where you can get served with the beer you have just seen being made. This is really cool and I guarantee that first pint you have will taste that much more special as you know how it was made. As well as a bar there is also a little coffee shop where you can grab a bite to eat.

One thing that is just awesome is that you can buy beer here to take home. I am not just talking about a six pack either. You can buy a huge ass 9 gallon cask! Now that will last you a while. You also can buy gift boxes of 10 and 20 litres. Speaking of gits there is an amazing gift shop that sells all kinds of cool beer items. You can get such crazy things as beer chocolates, beer toiletries, beer ice cream and even some freaking beer mustards…… yes I am not joking they have beer mustard and that is not even the weirdest thing they have!

In all this is just a wonderful day out and a great way for you boys to spend some time together before you hit the pubs and clubs in the evening. You are looking at least a couple of hours here and you will need to have a minimum of 6 people to book the tour.

Reasons Why A Brewery Tour Is A Great Stag Do Event

This offers a genuinely interesting and fun look at the way beer is made.

You can buy beer in bulk here once the day is over!

This is just a great little place to spend a few hours and give the groom something to remember.


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