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These clays can kiss goodbye to their arses when your Stag group starts to shoot them out of the sky. Top Stag Do event in Newcastle
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Clay Shooting for Stag Dos

I hope these clays are ready to kiss their butts goodbye as you boys lock and load and then blast them to a million little pieces. A great way to blow off steam and have some fun before you hit the town. Clay pigeon shooting is a perfect stag do event.

Key Features

Now this is just my own personal opinion, but its most probably a 100 percent fact. That any real stag do simply must involve shooting something. Now as much as you would like that to be your most annoying mate behind a garage and as much of a bonding and fun exercise hiding the body would be it would also result in the rest of your stag do being spent in jail. Here you get to shoot some clays with a vast array of shotguns and feel like a real hard man!

There are many different clay pigeon shooting places in the country, but what sets this one apart from the others is that they are really serious about their guns. So serious that you will get the chance to use 12 different shot guns! 12 different shot guns, who knew there was that many different kinds? You will get to feel and find what one suits you best. These are not shot guns for wimps. These bad boys have been designed to blow things away! Holding a gun is something every man should do at least once in his life and here you get the chance to hold a whole variety of guns! If you want to really feel like a bad ass and we are talking 1980’s Arnold Schwarzenegger level of bad ass here! Then you need to try out their pump action shotgun. You want a gun that can do some serious damage then this is the gun you need!

Clay pigeon shooting is a sport of some real skill. You will need to have a steady hand and the eye of the tiger as you blow those clays out of the sky. Let me tell you boys. The rush you get when you hit one and it just explode into a million little pieces is just amazing. As this is a stag do you guys simply must make a competition out of this. Whoever hits the most clays will be the winner! The winner should get a few free pints when you hit the pubs later that night. And the guy who came in last needs to do some kind of punishment.

The staff here are all really cool and friendly. They will not just throw you all a bunch of guns and then let you wander off into the field. They will make sure everyone knows how to be safe and use the guns properly. They will also always be on hand to offer some tips and advice if you are struggling to hit the clays.

This will take around an hour or so and you need to have at least 5 people in your group with the maximum being 30.

Reasons Why Clay Pigeon Shooting Is A Great Stag Do Event

No other clay pigeon shooting place will let you pick from such a variety of guns.

You can have a competition and see who is the best shooter of the group.

This is a fun way to blow of some steam with your mates before you hit the pub.

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