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Which one of your mates has not admitted he is scared of heights - you will find out soon - navigate your way through the many obstacles and see if you are the winner...
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High Ropes Course for Newcastle Stags

Here we have a really cool stag do event that will push you guys to the limits and out that one member of your stag group who is scared of heights, but has never admitted to being so! This high ropes course in Newcastle is a great way to start your stag do and will certainly give you something to laugh about for many years to come.

Key Features

Now clearly there will be a few people out there scratching their head and possibly butt and asking themselves, what is a high ropes course? Well the easiest way to get your mind around this is to think of an assault course. You know the kind of thing where you have to run, jump and climb. Ok so you got that? Now imagine that same course, but high up in the trees! You do not just need to be physically fit to do this, you need to have solid nerves and a good eye as you traverse this amazing high ropes course.

One thing that is really awesome about this place is that before you even start the high ropes course. The staff will put you at ease with a little team building exercise. A team building exercise that is used to get you guys a little more accustomed to heights. The team building thing you will be doing is building a tower with crates……. While you are standing on top of them! This is just so much fun and while you will not be as high as you will when doing the actual course it still gets you pumped up to tackle the high ropes course.

This high ropes course will see you need to climb up real high into the trees and from there it is up to you to navigate the course the best way you see fit! This is a course that you do not want to rush through and really think about each section before you take it on. You will have to climb even higher! Make some crazy jumps, walk along small surfaces and even take a ride of a fast as hell zip line. In all each section of this course will throw a different challenge your way. I can tell you that the guy who will beat this course in the fastest time will not be the guy who is in the best shape, but the guy who really thinks about what he is doing before he does it!

I know that for some this sounds terrifying, but you are kitted out in all the latest safety equipment and you will always have staff with you to make sure that you are not only safe, but also offer some advice if you need it. One cool thing to do is have a competition to see which of you stags can do the course the best!

8 people is the minimum amount you can have in your stag group to book here and you are looking at around three hours of fun!

Reasons Why A High Ropes Course Is A Great Stag Do Event

This is a fun way to test your nerve are you traverse a crazy obstacle course high in the trees.

Great staff who will explain everything to you and make sure you are all safe and having a great time.

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