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Always a complete laugh. Human Table Football is 5 a side football event in an inflatable replica of the table football game. Hilarious time both as a player or spectator
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Human Table Football for Stags

I am sure on one of your many adventures to the pub over the years that you have played the odd game of table football. Well now you and the rest of your stag group can play the ultimate game of table football as instead of controlling little plastic men, you guys are actually in the game! This is crazy, but in the best possible way and a great way to spend an hour on your stag do!

Key Features

Human table football I am sure to many of you sounds like something of a joke, but let me assure you boys that this is the real deal. You will be on a huge ass inflatable table football pitch and then you will all be strapped to the bars! You really will have to work as a team to make sure that you have the best chance of getting the ball. This is just a great way for a few mates to have an absolute blast before they hit the pub.

The game of human table football is played as five a side. How you get organised is up to you guys, but its best to think about who is the best at actually playing football as they will have the best chance of actually scoring a goal! I am sure you are wondering what happens if you have a huge stag group. Well that is not a problem, as a matter of fact it can make it even better. As now you can have a little Champions League style tournament where you can have a nasty forfeit for the losing team! Hell if you want to take it to the extreme then pop to the local pound land and grab a few toy medals to dish out. The players who are not playing can stand on the side lines trying to come up with a strategy for the next match or they can just make fun of the other teams who are playing. This is five aside football for you guys who cannot be assed to run around an actual pitch! While you may not be running, you all will be working up a pretty damn big sweat.

Human table football is a right good laugh and one extra cool thing about it is that you can just roll up in your regular clothes and play. Now it is best if you wear some sensible clothes that will be comfortable to play in, but you do not have to worry about wearing any kind of special equipment. As there is no running around this is perfect if you have some members in your stag group who have about as much skill as Emile Heskey.

You need to have at least ten people in your stag group to make a booking here. You can have a maximum of 30 which would result in there being six teams which is perfect for a little tournament.

Reasons Why Human Table Football Is A Great Stag Do Event

You get to play the classic pub game, but now you are the player not a piece of plastic!

A great laugh and perfect for footballers of all skill levels.

You can have a fun competition with prizes for the winners and forfeits for the losers. 

Note :-Groups are required to arrive 30 minutes early for registration and safety briefing.

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