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An adrenalin rush is waiting for your mates and you of course as you negotiate your way round this muddy quad track. Will you still be laughing at the end...
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Newcastle Stag Do Quad Biking

Newcastle has many great things for a stag group to do, but why not stick with one of the all-time classics, quad biking. This is the number one place to ride quad bikes in the whole North East. So you and your mates and saddle up and have a great time right here.

Key Features

Quad biking is one of those activities that is just flat out cool, no matter if you are a kid or a very immature adult. Quad biking is something that never gets old. Riding a quad bike is pretty easy to get to grips with. So even if you have some people in your stag group who are not too into cars, bikes or other things like that. They will at the very least be able to hop on and ride one of these.

There are two main things that make this the best place in the North East to ride quad bikes. First of all are the actual quad bikes themselves. These bad boys are amazing! They are the perfect mix of having a decent amount of power so that they can do some good speed, but at the same time they handle really well.  Honestly riding one of these quad bikes is very easy to do and that makes this a perfect event for your stag group.

The other thing that makes this the only place you want to ride quad bikes is the setting. This place is a private estate and it has around 2500 acres of land for you to explore. This estate has plenty of areas that are really easy so that you can get to grips with how these quad bikes handle and if you want you can just keep to the easy areas, but where is the fun in that? You really want to test these quads and hit some of the other challenging areas of the estate. You will have these really slippery areas where going down them is really challenging and also you will have to get to grips with going really fast, but still staying in control as you try to get up some steep inclines! There are a million things here that are wanting to slip you up and put your driving skills to the test and that is part of the fun here.

There is no standing around here looking like a dumb ass. There will be a quad bike for everyone which is great as many other places will make you take turns and have to wait for a tune. You do not get that here. You get a full hour of quad biking action. Now they do not just let you go out there. They will give you a safety briefing and provide you with the proper equipment to make sure that you are nice and safe.

As you are riding around a muddy woodland make sure that you wear sensible clothing and clothes that you do not mind getting very dirty!

Reasons Why Quad Biking Is A Great Stag Do Event

You get to ride on some really cool quad bikes that are perfect for novices and quad biking veterans.

A huge estate is your playground for you to explore.

No messing around, standing waiting for a turn. You get a full hour of quad biking action. 

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