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Do you think you can handle the most powerful Rage Buggies in the North East. Will you be able to master them?
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Newcastle's Best Rage Buggies - You've got to try them!

Oh Yeahhhhhhh! If you are looking for the ultimate, fast as hell, no messing around stag do event. Then you need to get behind the wheel of one of these amazing rage buggies. If you like go karting then you will love this!

Key Features

The first time you set your eyes on these bad boys your first though will no doubt be holy crap! These things are just like monsters! They are like something Mad Max would drive in a post-apocalyptic waste land. Or you may think that they are something out of a video game. I can honestly not think of an off road vehicle that has this kind of impact when you first see it.

It’s hard to describe what a rage buggy is, but if you ask me the best way to describe this is as some kind of love child between a go kart and a quad bike. The engine in these bad boys is just raw power. They come in at an incredible 1000 cc, is that even possible? I can hear a few of you ask. Well yes it is and you will certainly feel the power as soon as you hit the accelerator. When you get on a straight and you get to really let loose your head will be thrown back into your seat! That is how powerful these are.

Now rage buggies may be lightning like quick, but they also handle like a charm. You see as much fun as the straight section of the track is where you can really go balls to the wall fast. It’s the tight corners where you get to really feel how good these vehicles handle. You can actually take the corners at a good speed. But like in any kind of racing the guys who will do best will be those who can master how to take a corner and then come out of it at a rapid speed.

The track is really cool and it’s kind of modelled on a go kart track, but an off road one if that makes any sense. You will have plenty of straights and turns to put your driving skills to the test. As well as this you will have a few other things thrown your way such as a bridge and even a tunnel.

The way the races work are is like this. There will be two rage buggies going head to head on the track. Each driver will be allowed to do at least one practice lap to get to grips with the rage buggy and then its race time! You and a mate will go head to head and there can only be one winner! Each member of your stag group will get to compete in two races so depending on the size of your group you can have a really cool little competition going.

Please note you do need to have at least 6 people to make a booking here and everyone must have a valid driving licence.

Reasons Why Rage Buggies Are A Great Stag Do Event

Well rage buggies are just freaking cool!

A great track that really gets the best out of these machines.

A fantastic way to start you stag do before you hit the pub. Will you all chip in so the winner does not have to pay for his drinks!

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