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Spend most of the day at the one location attempting different activities - Karting, 4x4 Off Road Driving, Rage Buggies, Paintball, Archery & Tomahawk and Lunch...
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5 Stag Activities in one Day

When planning what to do for your main stag do event it can be really hard. Especially in a city like Newcastle where there is a ton of stuff to do. Well why not do it all? Here we have an amazing deal where you get to take part in a whole day of cool activities such as archery, paintballing, go karting, off road buggies and 4 X 4 driving!

Key Features

This is just flat out cool and let me say right away that for the most part you will spend most of your time at the one place so there is not too much wandering around! Anyway this is perhaps the greatest deal in the whole world when it comes to a stag do event! Five action packed, manly events that will put hair on your chest for sure! And to make it even more awesome these dudes thrown in lunch as well, but let’s take a closer look at the stuff you get to do!

Go Karting, a real classic of a stag do event! You boys will be driving these awesome go karts that can get up to a phenomenal 60 mph! you will get to take part in a little practice session to get to grips with the go kart and then it’s a head to head race on a 1200 meter race track to see who is the best driver!

Rage Buggies, rage buggies are kind of like go karts that have taken a whole bunch of steroids! These bad boys have a 1000 cc power engine so you know that these off road style karts will have some real power behind them. They also handle like a dream which is great as the track has been purposely built to push these rage buggies to their very limits. Did you suck at the go karts? Well maybe you can redeem yourself here. Or if you were the go kart king can you be the rage buggy king also?

Paintball, now you can shoot your mates in the chest, back and even ass and its totally legal! Split into teams and hide in the fox holes, make ambushes in the abandoned structures and make sure that it’s your team who is standing at the end of the war! Paintball is a great way to blow of some serious steam!

4 X 4 Driving, this is not your grandpas Range Rover you will be driving. You will get the chance to tear up the countryside in a vehicle that was actually used by the MOD! This bad boy can pretty much go over anything that is thrown in its way. Steep climbs and fast as hell slopes are just a few of the things you will have to deal with on your 4 X 4 adventure!

Archery & Tomahawk Throwing, Archery yeah we get that, but tomahawk throwing??? Now that is freaking cool. Archery is a great way to slow things down and put your mental skills to the test as you try to hit the targets. Tomahawk throwing is exactly what you would think it is. You get to feel like a total bad ass as you try to throw a tomahawk so that it smashes into the target.

To make this event cooler you will get lunch provide and even a £10 voucher thrown in. This is an all in one action packed, men’s day out and it will serve as a great way to let the groom have the time of his life!

Reasons Why This Is A Great Stag Do Event

  • Five amazing events! That will push you to your manly limits all the while having a great time

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