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Newcastle Stag Weekends

Here are some top reasons to book your Newcastle Stag with StagDoParty

  • We do not mess around, best locations at the best prices!
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Newcastle on a Budget

Dont want to spend a fortune - we have worked our magic and kept the cost of this Newcastle weekend really low so no-one misses out ►2 nights accommodation, Lap Dancing Club Entry and Nightclub Entry...
  • Location: Newcastle
  • Laugh your Socks Off

    SAVE £12
    Start your weekend with a laugh and make it last throughout your stay in Newcastle... a few other surprises are in store for you with this package!!!►2 nights accommodation, Comedy Club, Paintball, Party Bus and a stripper.
  • Location: Newcastle
  • Paintballing & Karting Package

    SAVE £15
    Get the guys together and head for a weekend in Newcastle. This will keep you entertained ►2 nights accommodation, Nightclub Entry, Paintball, Karting and Lap Dancing Club entry...
  • Location: Newcastle
  • Dirty Shoot Out

    SAVE £19.99

    A dirty weekend...get hold of your mates and head to Newcastle for a memorable time ►2 nights accommodation, Lap Dancing Club Entry, Off Road Buggies, Clay Pigeon Shooting and Nightclub Entry.

  • Location: Newcastle
  • Need for Speed

    SAVE £16
    Will you keep your foot to the floor or chicken out at the corners - this weekend will get your adrenalin flowing►2 nights accommodation, Lap Dancing Club Entry, Nightclub Entry, Go Karting and Party Bus.
  • Location: Newcastle
  • Why Should We Go To Newcastle?

    When it comes to UK stag do’s there are certain places that are at the top of everyone’s list and Newcastle or The Toon if you prefer is right up at the top. Newcastle is a place where the beer flows like a river and the ladies wear hardly any clothes.

    Try this Geordie phrase out when you are hungry

    "Dee us some scran, hinny, I'm clamming"

    In short it’s a man’s paradise. You never know what this place is going to throw your way! Newcastle has everything a gang of rowdy, out of control stags could want! There are a ton of great pubs and nightclubs, plenty of places to grab a bite to eat and there are also a load of amazing stag do events that you can do on both a day and in the evening. This is a city that loves stag groups and you can guarantee that the Geordies will welcome you with a bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale and a big smile. There really is something for everyone here and the accommodation is awesome as there will be a place for you to stay no matter what your budget!

    What Cool Things Are There To Get Up To?

    Tear up the countryside on these bad boys!

    Before we even get into what kind of stag events you can get up to let me tell you a wee bit about the normal, touristy stuff that you can check out here in Newcastle. The amount of pubs and clubs is easily in the extreme category here. But as well as this you have things like a huge ass shopping centre if you want to grab some new clothes for your big night out. If you want to do the whole touristy thing then Newcastle has you covered with such sites as the creepy Victoria Tunnel and the Millennium bridge which is a pretty cool sight to see. Also The Metro Centre which is one of the largest shopping centres in the UK and is just a short train ride away. The Gate is a fantastic place to go as it offers fine dining, places to grab a drink, a casino and a huge ass cinema! Newcastle is also a hotspot for live entertainment with O2 Academy and The Metro Radio Arena playing host to some of the biggest acts in the world!

    What Is The Best Way To Get To The Toon?

     One of the things that makes Newcastle such an awesome place for a stag do is that it’s just so damn easy to get to. You can get here easily by car and train and hell if you want you can even fly or come on a boat. It is just so easy to get to Newcastle that it makes the journey one less thing you need to worry about! You will have no trouble at all getting to Newcastle that is for sure.

    Top Tip for strangers to Newcastle

    "Toon" means Newcastle City Centre as well as Newcastle United. Eg "The Toon were purely belta on Saturday, like!"

    Here Are The Best Daytime Activities In Newcastle!

    Shoot that geeky mate of the Stag

    Angel of the North

    What the hell is that thing!!!!!!!! Is a phrase more than a few people have said as they have drove past this monster of a statue The Angel Of The North is a very impressive sight and despite its old as hell appearance its actually something of a pretty modern structure in the North East. It’s well worth a walk up to, even if it’s just to clear your head after a few to may beers.

    Assault Course

    What? Why? Yes a morning at a military assault course can be a blast. Swing from a rope trying not to fall into the pond, scramling over cargo nets and up walls, watching your geeky mate fall face down in the mud- all magic moments. Check out the tough mudder race schedule in Newcastle if you fancy something even more pysically demanding. You guys will deserve a beer or two after that

    Go Karting

    Go karting is still the top Newcastle Stag activity. If you guys have the need for speed then you want to get your asses down to this amazing go kart track. As it is indoor this is the perfect thing for you gents to get up to no matter if it’s sunny or pissing down with rain! They love stag groups here and will make sure that your stag group are very happy. So if you want a great day time event for your stag do then check out F1K Indoor Karting and you will all have a great time.


     If you want a day event that is all about action…… and getting to inflict a little pain on your mates by shooting them in the ass then this is for you. Go Ballistic Paintball is just the perfect event for you guys. They have some of the best game modes, plenty of places to hide and plan an ambush and its run by some really top blokes as well. If you want to be in a video game for real then this is your chance!

    What Can A Group Of Stags Get Up To On A Night Out?

    Just what the lads ordered

    This is the place you come to for some top line entertainment in Newcastle. The Hyena Club offers not only great comedy from established acts as well as up and comers, but also serves as a place where you can grab a bite to eat and party the night away.  Hey this is more than just the backdrop for Geordie Shore! If you want to have a nice meal or a quiet pint…. Well quiet by Newcastle standards then you come to The Quayside a place that captures the true essence of The Toon!  If you want to really see the best that Newcastle has to offer then you guys need to get your drunken asses on The Club Class Bus . This is the ultimate pub crawl that consists of three of the city’s best pubs before ending the night with guest list entry to one of The Toon’s best nightclubs! The idea of this is rather than walking from place to place, you jump on the ultimate party vehicle that is a pimped out bus where the party never stops thanks to the amazing tunes, possibility of sexy ladies and just a great atmosphere.

    Ok any stag night that is worth remembering has to have some kind of nakedness going on. And rather than seeing your mates hairy ass come to For Your Eyes Only which is the number one lap dancing club in Newcastle. You want the perfect way to end your stag night then this is it. Nothing better than treating the main stag to a private dance! This place only hires the sexiest women who will blow your minds…… yes I said minds!

    What Really Makes This A Special Place

    Newcastle really is just a wonderful place to have a great stag night or even a stag weekend. There is no shortage of things to do here and probably until we have some kind of zombie apocalypse it will still remain one of the most popular places for a stag do in the UK! There are just so many little things that make this the perfect place. The fact that the ladies like to wear hardly any clothes on a night out, the abundance of local brews and just the friendliness of all the locals makes this a place, where once you get here and have a few drinks you will never want to leave!



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