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Newcastle Stag Night Ideas

Way aye, howay and alreet! I’ve been to many towns and cities and I’m being straight up with you when I say that nowhere is as freaking nuts as Newcastle. Jesus Christ, my liver is just shaking when I think about the time I spent here! Newcastle is a city that was made just for stag nights! It’s over the top, there is a pub every two feet and the Geordie lassies are not shy to show a bit of skin either!

Top three nighttime activities in Newcastle

Our Top Stag Night Ideas for Newcastle

Club Class Party Bus

£ 29.95
Club class party bus with our cabin crew. State of the art sound system and transport to 3 bars and a top nightclub. Q-jump and free entry, ready??
  • Reference: PR-4944
  • Comedy Show

    £ 11.99
    Get your mates and head to the comedy show in Newcastle...how many of the jokes will you remember the next day...
  • Reference: PR-842
  • Min No: 2
  • Gentlemans Tour

    £ 39.99
    Guys here is a chance to have a brilliant night out. Come on board our club class bus, have fun in the bars and some time in the lap dancing club finishing off in one of the top nightclubs in Newcastle
  • Reference: PR-1171
  • Min No: 10
  • Lap Dancing Club

    £ 14.99
    This is Newcastle's premiere lap dancing Club. No Stag Do in Newcastle should miss this venue. Top Girls from International Clubs perform some of the classiest acts in Newcastle
  • Reference: PR-915
  • Min No: 2
  • Nightclub - Tiger Tiger

    £ 9.99
    Eye of the tiger, or glamorous pussycat doll, gain instant access to newcastles most exclusive nightclub, join the elite and raise the roof till dawn at the iconic Tiger Tiger Nightclub.
  • Reference: PR-787
  • Stripper - Full Strip

    £ 144.99
    A stripper will add a bit of excitement to your evening...
  • Reference: PR-1244
  • Curry Challenge

    £ 19.99
    So you think you can eat a hot curry and not need to down a bucket of water...prove it - will you let the main man select his own curry or is that your job...
  • Reference: PR-3482
  • Min No: 6
  • Nightclub - Liquid & Envy

    £ 9.99
    Dont fancy standing in a long queue - neither do we. We will arrange for your name to be on the Guest List allowing you to walk straight in and keep your party going!!!
  • Reference: PR-6054
  • Party Boat

    £ 29.99
    The Newcastle party Boat is the no1 Stag night venue. what could be better than drinking , sailing and chatting up all those lovely lasses.
  • Reference: PR-5853
  • Restaurant - Spanish

    £ 19.99
    Enjoy this Spanish Style meal in the heart of Newcastle's vibrant Quayside area. Warm décor, authentic cuisine and friendly hospitality.Perfectly located for an evening out.
  • Reference: PR-794
  • Min No: 2
  • Restaurant -Italian

    £ 18.99
    Italian 2 course meal in Newcastle. The largest and tastiest Pizzeria in Newcastle and ideally situated in the bustling Quayside Area packed with great clubs and Pubs
  • Reference: PR-6695
  • Min No: 6
  • Casino

    £ 24.99
    Are you feeling lucky...will you want to part with your cash or will it be more of a laugh watching your mates lose theirs...
  • Reference: PR-8948
  • Min No: 10
  • The best stag night ideas in Newcastle

    Holy crap, where do I start? Well I’ve done my utmost and picked what I truly believe are the six best places for a stag group to go to in Newcastle.

    Let’s kick this thing off the right way, my friends, with some sexy ladies who leave nothing to the imagination. You can find them at For Your Eyes Only lap dancing club! Look, I know the Geordie lasses like to wear revealing clothes, but for some full-on naked dancing action, this is where you need to be. What I thought was really cool was how they had dancers from not just the UK, but overseas as well. Put a smile on his face or make the groom embarrassed by getting him a private lap dance!

    We can hook you up with a VIP guest list pass at one of Newcastle’s most loved clubs, Tiger Tiger. This means that there is no fighting with the Incredible Geordie Hulk to get inside! Tiger Tiger is famous for its seven different party rooms, each one with its very own unique theme. For instance, there’s a very cool Saturday Night Fever inspired New York Disco, and one that’s decked out like a twisted fairy tale. It’s really cool going into the different rooms and seeing how each one really does have its own atmosphere.

    Doing a Newcastle stag night pub crawl is a great idea, but an even better idea is to do it on the Club Class Bus. No walking from bar to bar when you’re booked on here! These guys are freaking crazy and will take you to three bars on their bus, which is more like a nightclub on wheels than anything else. And at the end of the night they will get you a guest list pass into one of the city’s best nightclubs. This is a wild night, and although they’re not allowed to sell alcohol on the bus, you can bring as much on as you want!  I can tell you that a few of my mates still talk about our night on the Club Class Bus as it left that much of a crazy impression on them!

    When you say to someone in Newcastle that you’re going to Liquid & Envy, they know that you’re in for one wild and crazy stag night! This is just a really cool nightclub and the kind of place that you will see all the Geordie people going mental in on an episode of Geordie Shore! Good drinks, a thumping sound system and what must be a magnet on the roof attracting sexy single ladies, make Liquid & Envy one of the most popular stag night destinations in Newcastle.

    “Roads? Where we’re going we won’t need roads” (ten cool points if you get the reference, by the way!). How does drinking on a boat sound? Pretty damn cool, I bet you just said. Well, the Party Boat will get all your asses on board, fill you up with an ungodly amount of booze and then take you for a wee sail! This is a lot of fun and it’s also something that seems to attract a large number of hen groups, so the chance for hooking up is fairly high on board. Scoring on the Party Boat will certainly make you a legend to all you mates. This is a fun way to not only have a laugh, but also relax a wee bit before you go to a mental Newcastle nightclub.

    Newcastle have several great comedy clubs, and honestly just picking one was making my head hurt, but in the end I’ve gone for Hyena Comedy Club.  They get some really amazing acts to perform here so you guys will be thoroughly entertained, I can assure you of that. Once the show is done, if you want you can stay and have a few drinks as they’re open until the early hours, which is pretty cool. I’m not saying you would stay here all night, but it’s pretty awesome that after the show you can have a few ‘warm-up beers’ before you hit the famous Toon.

    Some more Geordie goodness for you

    Here are a few more amazing Newcastle stag night ideas for you guys.

    First up is a place where you can well and truly “mortal”, as the people on Geordie Shore say. Actually, out of all the places we’ve talked about here, Sam Jack's is the place that really will make you feel like you’re in an episode of Geordie Shore! This is a very wild place to go to, it’s all about having a great time and the guys who work here are up for a laugh as well. If you want the proper Newcastle stag night experience, then head on over to Sam Jack’s. Also the women this bar attracts all seem to be mental. Which, if you ask me, is a good thing!

    Hey, a stag night can be more than just drinking. It can also be about doing something together that is so freaking scary it will make you want to drink even more! Well, that is what will happen when you take part in this Ghost Walk. Creepy (but very entertaining) guides/actors will take you to the most haunted and scary parts of the Toon. You will never look at Newcastle the same way once you have done this. For you horror fans this is a must do thing in Newcastle: it’s fun, scary and genuinely very interesting as well. And it will also make you so damn scared that you will need about ten Newcastle Brown Ales to get over it.

    If you want to go ‘old school’ on your stag night, then hook the groom up with a sexy stripper!  She will come to your hotel room, house or a bar in town if you get the OK from them first. There are some things that never go out of style, and having the groom sit in a chair as a chick takes her clothes off in front of him is one of those things! This is perfect if you want to see a nice pair of boobs (you actually see a lot in a club in Newcastle anyway), but don’t want to hit up a lap dancing club.

    Lastly I have another amazing Geordie nightclub for you guys. Digital was a huge hit with the blokes I was with as it’s not just a dance music type club. They play all kinds of music here, with a tendency to play quite a bit of indie and rock music, so you get a good variety when it comes to the tunes. Also they have a tonne of live bands taking the stage here during the year. Digital is also a popular venue with the ladies, so if you want a bit of a fumble and a kiss in the dark then you may be in luck here. 

     Tame the Toon with this mini guide

    Places to eat, music to listen to and where to get your dislocated shoulder popped back into place are just a few of the little titbits of information I have for you in this section!

    Eating with class!

    Just because you’re on a stag night and Newcastle is a crazy city does not mean you have to eat like animals! If you want to eat in a really classy and special place during your stag weekend, then Raval is regarded as one of the best and most high class Indian restaurants in Newcastle. And although it’s classy, it’s still very reasonable when it comes to the prices. For a good Indian meal there’s no better place in the whole of Newcastle than right here.

    Fun food at good prices

    If you want to eat cheaply but think suggesting a McDonalds may be pushing it, then go to Burgerstop, which offers some of the best damn burgers you will ever have! They also have some amazing deals which means you get to eat pretty cheaply as well. Remember: less money spent on food means more left for booze and tipping lap dancers!

    Getting a taxi in the Toon

    People have been getting well and truly wasted in Newcastle for years, which luckily means there are many after-hours taxi firms to pick them up! ABC Taxis and  Blue Line Taxis are two of the most respected taxi firms which operate 24 hours a day in Newcastle.

    Howay man, I’m  bleeding all owa (medical treatment in Newcastle)

    Things get out of hand on a stag night – it’s cool, I get it. But if you do find yourself in need of medical treatment then there’s an A&E in Newcastle that can help you out. Just because there’s an A&E, though, does not mean you’re bulletproof and can do whatever you want!

    Seeing a band in Newcastle

    Newcastle has many venues with live music. The two larger ones are the Metro Radio Arena and the  O2 Academy. Between these two places, Newcastle gets most of the big bands coming to the city when they tour the UK.

    Taking a break from the Geordie madness!

    Newcastle can be a bit much for people who have never been to the city before. So if you do need a place to have a quiet drink and relax for an hour, then I recommend you head over to Alvino's, which is a much more chilled out bar.


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