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This nis the restauarnat that Stags head for in Nottingham. Best grub, best hooters - its a no brainer really.
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Hooters Stag Night out in Nottingham

As a red blooded male I honestly cannot think of a better place to spend a stag night than at Hooters. This is the best restaurant in the city of Nottingham for a stag group! Great food, drinks and lovely ladies to serve you make this the perfect place for your stag night meal.

Key Features

What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you think of Hooters? I bet the thing you are thinking of is sexy waitresses in those tight Hooters tops. Its ok no shame to be had, I was thinking the same thing! But as cool as that is. It’s actually just one part of what makes dining at Hooters such a great experience and one that is perfect for your stag night!

Hooters has just a great selection of food. There is going to be something on this menu for your whole stag group. And even that right awkward git who just moans each and every time you guys go out will be happy here. Hooters has a pretty diverse menu, but the things that they are world famous for are items such as their amazing hot wings. These hot wings do not mess around and are freaking delicious! They also have a few fantastic steak options as well as some nice ribs too! And if you are watching your weight then Hooters still has your back as they have some great salad options for you also. In all it’s a great menu that is stacked from bottom to top.

Of course as well as an amazing menu, Hooters also has a great selection of drinks. If you ask me a huge part of the Hooters experience is getting a huge ass picture of beer (or maybe even there or four!) to go along with your meal. Hooters also has some amazing large screen HD TV’s scattered around the place that show all the latest football action as well as other sports from all over the globe. If there is any kind of sporting event going on then you can bet it will be on one of the big screens at Hooters.

One thing that I need to mention is that by booking here you will get a really amazing deal. Each member of your stag group will get two beers, a starter and a main meal as well. Now that is a sweet deal and a perfect way to start your stag night. Also make sure you mention that you are a stag group and point out who the groom is and the ladies will make sure that he gets some extra special attention.

Reasons Why Hooters Is A Great Stag Do Event

Hooters is the ultimate restaurant for men, drink, food, hot ladies and live sport. What more could a man want????

Fun and friendly staff will make sure that your groom will be well taken care of and that you all have a fun night.

A great menu that has a huge and tasty selection of food and drinks!

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