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If you want to have a top night out in Nottingham as a fitting end to your Stag weekend, then Guest list Entry to Oceana is the way to go.
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Oceana- Guest List Entry for your Stag Night Out

As one of the best nightclub chains in the whole UK, Oceana is a place that you know is going to make sure you guys have a fantastic time on your stag  night. And to make your night even better, you should be booking here you get on the guest list so there is no getting turned away at the door by some Incredible Hulk sized bouncer!

Key Features

Any stag night that is worth remembering has to have a messy end of the night that happens in a top night club. As I am more than sure you guys know. Nottingham on a night is full to the brim with just a ton of people. So it can be pretty busy and if you fail to plan ahead then you might not get into the club you want to go to. Well by booking here you get on the guest list which means that you will be able to party it up in Oceana. Each Oceana nightclub in the country has its own little thing that makes it special and the one here in Nottingham is easily one of the best in the entire chain!

Oceana in Nottingham is the largest nightclub and we are not just talking about the Oceana chain here. We are literally talking about the whole club scene in Nottingham. This is the biggest and the best when it comes to nightclubs here and is easily the place you guys want to end your night. Even with the huge size of the place there is always a line outside, but as you are a VIP and you and the rest of your stag group are total bosses. You do not have to wait outside. So you spend less time standing around and more time partying!

There is nowhere else in the city that offers a club experience like you get here. The sound system here is just state of the art and the blood pumping music will have you jumping! The sound along with the amazing lighting in this place really does make you feel like you are part of the biggest party in the world.

Oceana is a club that has something for everyone. There are 6 different rooms in the place and in total there are 9 different bars. All these bars mean you never have to wait too long to get a drink. The different rooms are very well designed and have been made to look like each one is from a different part of the world with its own unique vibe. So one room will be like you are in a New York City disco, the next room is like some high end ski lodge in Aspen and then you can party it up in the classy Parisian Boudoir. And this is just half the rooms that are on offer!

You need to have entered the club by 23:00 at the latest and there is a smart dress code. So no showing up in sportswear.

Reasons Why Oceana Nightclub Is A Great Stag Do Event

6 different rooms with their own party style mean that this is a night unlike any other. Being on the guest list makes it even better as you stroll right in!

There are a ton of fully stacked bars with every drink you could imagine.

A great sound and lighting system makes the music come to life. 

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