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Nottingham Stag Day Ideas

I will admit I was less than enthusiastic the first time I was told I had to go and check out Nottingham and give it the “ok”… But truth be told, it was way better than I thought it would be, and there turned out to be a whole bunch of cool stuff to do during a stag weekend. It’s a really cool old-timey style of city and it certainly makes for a very interesting base for a stag weekend, especially if you boys like the great outdoors.

Top three daytime activities in Nottingham

Our Top Stag Party Ideas in Nottingham

Air Rifle Shooting

£ 19.99
With professional air rifles, it is much easier to get to grips with the targets and really feel what it would be like to be a sniper. This rifle range is a blast for any Stag Do in Nottingham
  • Reference: PR-8814
  • Min No: 6
  • Archery

    £ 19.99
    Are you the next Robin Hood? Perhaps you’re better suited as the next little John! Come and learn about the legend while you take part in the iconic sport of Archery in the perfect location of Sherwood Forest.
  • Reference: PR-8813
  • Min No: 6
  • Assault Course

    £ 24.99
    Surprise your mates with this military grade assault course! Face all the challenges a typical recruit would have to face and see how you fair against the countries finest!
  • Reference: PR-3172
  • Min No: 6
  • Bubble Football

    £ 29.99
    Bubble football now available in most UK Cities including Scotland. Best deals in the UK run by qualified referees. Hilarious and fun events suitable for everyone even non footballers!
  • Reference: PR-11248
  • Min No: 14
  • Clay Pigeon Shooting

    £ 39.99
    How good is your aim? Will you be able to blow the targets up with a shotgun as they fly out into your field of vision? Come and find out who’s the secret marksmen of the group!
  • Reference: PR-6373
  • Min No: 1
  • Go Karting

    £ 42.99
    Come and take part in the best Grand Prix style go kart racing Nottingham has to offer! Who will lap the rest? Will you be the champion or will you lose out to one of your fellow stags?
  • Reference: PR-4908
  • Min No: 15
  • High Ropes

    £ 34.99
    Take to the treetops as you tackle this aerial suspension course! The High Ropes will make sure you’re extra careful with where you place your footing! Face your fear of heights head on with this amazing experience!
  • Reference: PR-2845
  • Hovercrafting

    £ 64.99
    One of the coolest modes of transport in the world, these hovercrafts will let you finally have a go at being the pilot! Glide with ease across all terrain as you master the controls!
  • Reference: PR-6374
  • Min No: 10
  • Its a Knockout

    £ 39.99
    Remember the "Its a Knockout" TV series from the 70's and 80's? Using the original props your group of Stags will take part in a series of hilarious wacky games and races.
  • Reference: PR-828
  • Min No: 8
  • Off Road Driving

    £ 59.99
    Let’s take driving off road to the next level in this fun experience north of Nottingham! You’ll be able to enjoy your time racing dirt buggies and tackling tough off-road obstacles with the 4x4s!
  • Reference: PR-8821
  • Min No: 12
  • Paintball

    £ 15.99
    Lead your team to victory as you battle to take back an authentic Viet Cong Village! You and your stags are going to have to think strategically, tactically and quickly to win!
  • Reference: PR-9788
  • Quad Biking Nottingham

    £ 42.99
    Where better than the Nottingham countryside to ride and drive these incredible quad bikes? Your Stags are set for an exciting, thrilling adventure in the famous Sherwood Forest!
  • Reference: PR-7080
  • Min No: 6
  • White Water Rafting

    £ 58.99
    Let’s take your stag party to another level with this incredible artificial man made course in an ideal Nottingham location! You’ll be put to the test as you and your stags fight to stay in the raft!
  • Reference: PR-2609
  • Min No: 6
  • Zorbing for 1

    £ 39.99
    Enjoy a splash with our aqua zorbs & experience a giant washing machine effect spinning down hill inside the sphere. Slip, slide & enjoy a truly amazing experience.
  • Reference: PR-9188
  • Min No: 1
  • Cool stag do day activities in Nottingham

    Nottingham has that classic ‘English’ feel to it. The locals here are pretty friendly and there’s a good selection of places to grab a bite to eat on the go, and a few nice – some even swanky – restaurants that serve as a great place for a main meal during your stag weekend.

    The first place that I checked out also happens to be one of the most popular stag do locations in the city, which is Nottingham Go Karts. These guys offer a great go karting experience where you and your mates can have a fun, grand prix-style race. The karts here are cool and go at a pretty fair speed of around 40mph.  As fun as this is, there’s a real competitive edge here and I am sure you will all want to be the champion at the end of the day.

    Some people are surprised (like I sure as hell was) to find out that you can do white water rafting here in Nottingham. I’ve done this a few times now in different places, but you still get butterflies just before you head off. This is a manmade white water rafting track / course, or whatever you want to call it, but it’s still fast as hell and has been designed with competitions in mind. So you know this is a ‘river’ that’s not going to piss around. What’s cool about white water rafting, if you ask me, is that a stag group has to work as a team to get the best out of the day.

    Next up we have the all-time classic of stag do day activities for you gents, which is a fun, badass, crazy and just down right freaking awesome day of paintballing. Man, words cannot say how much I love this and I think it’s the perfect thing for a group of guys to do. Here they will make sure you all know how to use the guns properly, have the right safety gear and they also have some awesome game zones. Tomb Raider, Mad Murphy’s Jungle Attack and The Haunted Graveyard are just a few of the game zones. Each one has their own rules and story to play, but the end result is the same: you having fun shooting your mates.

    Well, as this is Nottingham I had to have a way for you guys to pretend to be Robin Hood, so that is what we have here with a good old round of archery. Archery is just so cool and it’s actually a sport that you can learn the basics of very quickly. Now, not for one moment am I suggesting you will all be amazing at this, but learning how to do it is something anyone can do. I had a blast here and I think the whole Robin Hood thing makes it that much more exciting than trying out archery in other places.

    I’m pretty sure that even the most uneducated of you has heard of Sherwood Forest: it’s the place where Robin Hood and the Seven Dwarves lived and fought that evil dragon… or something like that. Anyway, this is really cool as you guys get to go on a really amazing quad biking trek through this world famous forest. You get to see some of the awesome sights (great selfie opportunities) and some pretty challenging areas to test your driving skills.

    Ok, listen up ladies, as here I have something that is going to put your asses to the ultimate test and that is a really cool, hard core assault course!  There will be nets to climb under, tunnels to crawl through, ropes to climb and walls to get over. And no, it’s not like that assault course in the Simpsons where there was a door in the wall – I know as I looked. This is just a really fun stag do day activity that while physically kind of tough is still a laugh… especially when a mate fails spectacularly at one of the challenges.

    I am not done yet with Nottingham stag day ideas!

    Here are a few more things that I found in Nottingham that are just perfect for a stag weekend!

    One thing that I had to double-check you could actually do was tank driving! Driving a tank was something I (and I am sure a few of you) had wanted to do since I was a kid. And now you get to learn how to drive one of these bad boys, tear up a really cool course and use the cannon to fight off the invading alien threat. Ok, so maybe there is no cannon, or even alien threat, but tank driving is an activity that will sure as hell make your stag do a memorable one.

    If you guys think that you have what it takes to be the next adventure type dude (in the style of Bear Grylls) then test your manhood with a few hours at the Nottingham Climbing Centre, where you can have a blast doing some indoor rock climbing. I have been to a few of these places and this one is one of the largest I have encountered  (that’s what she said!), and they have different sections to cater for all skill levels. So the blokes who are not too keen can try one of the lower walls and the more physically fit of your group can tackle the larger and more challenging sections of the wall.

    Take a wee drive out of the city and see if you have the eyes of a hawk and the steady hand of… well… a guy with a steady hand, as you have a competitive game of clay pigeon shooting! Shooting things is always a fun and poplar stag do event, and the guys here will actually teach you how to use one of these awesome shotguns properly. Then you can see who can hit the most clays and be crowned the champion at the end of the day! If you want a cool picture to remember your stag party by, then you guys with shotguns is the ultimate reminder of a great stag weekend.

    I’m sure you have seen one of those table football games at a pub, mate’s house or you may even own one yourself. Anyway, this next activity is human table football, which is exactly what it sounds like! You guys will be the players in the world’s largest table football game! Now this is a really fun thing to do, and I played it with people who are not football fans and they still had a great laugh. It’s really challenging, and the three of you who are on a bar together will have to try and be in sync and move at the same time. It’s way harder than it sounds, but it’s also a lot of fun – try it!

    My little guide to Nottingham

    Last up for you fine gents, I have a few tips, places of interest and pure dead brilliant advice worth a million pounds, to ensure your stag do is awesome!

    A good place for breakfast

    I will admit that I first went into the Hungry Pumpkin because of the amusing name. But they offer a good variety of breakfasts here, from a full English, omelettes and breakfast wraps, to their very own Pumpkin Special and… yuck – a vegetarian breakfast, for you people scared of cows. This is a really cool place and my number one choice when it comes to a cooked breakfast in Nottingham.

    Top notch lunch

    Rather than have you spend hours walking around like zombies looking for brains, I have for you the Bella Italia. A damn fine Italian restaurant chain that offers pizza, pasta, grills and so much more. They have something for even the fussiest of fussy eaters in your stag group.

    Getting a taxi in Nottingham

    DG Cars and Trent Cars are two of the larger taxi firms in the city. Getting a taxi here is not going to cause you guys any headaches.

    Is there a time to avoid coming here?

    Hmm, well, not really. I went in October and during the day it was fine, and from what I’ve heard it’s like this most of the year. It’s never overly busy, but Nottingham is a student city, so while the daytime may be quiet, the nights can be packed with students. So if you find students annoying as hell, you might want to make sure you come here in the summer months. But truth be told, there’s never a really crazy, overcrowded time here in Nottingham.

    Sporting events in Nottingham

    Nottingham is home to the world’s oldest professional football club, Notts County. There is also the once really powerful Nottingham Forest football club, who in recent years seemed to take one step forward and about seven steps back (only joking).

    Are there any festivals here?

    Well, there is actually a really cool and underrated music festival that happens in Nottingham called The Splendour Festival. This is more of an indie music festival which, if you ask me (you didn’t, but I’ll tell you anyway), is really cool. Nottingham also has a few arty-farty types of festival on during the year. And there is the world famous ‘rob from the rich and give to the poor’ festival, where you dress up like Robin Hood and it’s legal to actually rob banks… Well, not really, but how cool would that be?

    Pharmacies in Nottingham

    I know as well as anyone that during a Nottingham stag do stuff can happen, and your ass needs a pharmacy! Tesco has a pharmacy that stays open pretty late, not 24 hours, but later than most. As there’s no 24-hour pharmacy in the city, I would say this is your best place to go.


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