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Nottingham Stag Night Ideas

Sure, Nottingham may not have the most amazing reputation when it comes to a mental stag night, but today I’m going to prove to you that there are some really cool places to check out here. So, once your day of robbing from the rich to give to the poor is over, you can have a blast, pound down some beers and try and hit on the local Maid Marions.

Top three nighttime activities in Nottingham

Our Top Stag Night Ideas for Nottingham

Comedy Club

£ 19.99
Are you needing a laugh - the comedians will surely do that... enjoy a great evening - a great ice breaker for all your mates...
  • Reference: PR-6618
  • Min No: 1
  • Lap Dancing Club

    £ 15.00
    Get entry to the lively Flirtz lap dance club in Nottingham. Great atmosphere with some really sexy girls to entertain the lads on the Stag Night
  • Reference: PR-836
  • Medieval Banquet

    £ 43.99
    Robin Hood and his Merry Men invite you to join them for a Grand Banquet Feast!!
  • Reference: PR-5091
  • Min No: 2
  • Murder Mystery Night

    £ 58.99
    Solve the murder before the killer strikes again. Will you be able to avoid the searching questions???
  • Reference: PR-7546
  • Min No: 8
  • Nightclub Entry

    £ 9.99
    If you want to have a top night out in Nottingham as a fitting end to your Stag weekend, then Guest list Entry to Oceana is the way to go.
  • Reference: PR-2248
  • Restaurant - Hooters

    £ 31.99
    This nis the restauarnat that Stags head for in Nottingham. Best grub, best hooters - its a no brainer really.
  • Reference: PR-5019
  • Restaurant - Italian

    £ 17.99
    We will arrange a table at this great Italian restaurant so as you can catch up with all your mates before hitting the town...
  • Reference: PR-11228
  • Min No: 2
  • Restaurant - Spanish

    £ 19.95
    With a combination of over 30 tapas meals, experience the authentic cuisine, wines and beers of this restaurant that speaks about Spain!
  • Reference: PR-5704
  • The best stag night ideas in Nottingham

    Ok men, let’s have a wee gander at what I consider to be the best stag night activities on offer in Nottingham!

    Let’s not piss around here and get things started the right way, and by that I’m talking about Flirtz Lap Dancing Club! Seeing some of the sexiest local ladies as well as some smoking hot girls from all over the country showing their goods always makes for a good time on a stag night. With two floors of sexiness going on here, you boys will certainly be in heaven. They also offer a VIP list service so you can party on the more secluded and private first floor of the club – ideal for a stag do.

    I like to laugh, so when I have to go to a new town or city I make sure to see if they have a comedy club. The Just The Tonic Comedy Club is full of laughs, and as well as obviously having local comedians take to the stage, they actually get some pretty major names to perform here as well. There’s a really cool atmosphere, and in general I think that if you want a place that will make sure your Nottingham stag night gets started the right way, then this is that place!

    A few years ago you would never have got me to give a murder mystery evening a try, but oh my god are these a tonne of fun! You and your mates will have some ‘actors’ and entertainers with you who will move the story along, set things up and make sure it all runs smoothly. What is amazing is that you really do get involved and want to find out who the killer is. Have a few beers and make up your own detective-style character. This is a laugh a minute, and something that you will all be talking about for years to come. Just remember to trust no-one, as you never know who the hell the killer could be!

    Here I have for you one of the best Nottingham nightclubs: Oceana.  I feel that Nottingham has something of an underrated nightlife, and Oceana is seen as one of the best clubs by the locals. This is a freaking giant of a nightclub. There are nine – yes, nine – bars inside, so you never have to wait too long to get a drink. There are many different themed rooms in the club, ranging from a laid back Alpine Mountain room to a funky, groovy and awesome New York disco! This is a club that loves to get people having a great time, and your time can be made even better by avoiding the uncomfortable confrontation with a bouncer at the door by getting all your asses on the guest list.

    Here I have a way to really make your stag night special, and that is with a wee jaunt, cruise or trip on the Princess River Party Boat. This is the ultimate party on the river! You guys will be free to wander around the boat, hit up the bar and even have a bite to eat. And while I was here, there were at least two hen parties on the boat as well, so there are generally plenty of women to try your luck with. This is one of those things that is perfect when looking for an activity/place to make sure your stag night starts off the right way.

    Roll the dice, spin the wheel and… well I’m afraid that’s the extent of my casino lingo knowledge, but I do know that we had a tremendous time at Alea Casino. I’m not a gambling expert by any means, but the staff here were cool and as we were a stag group they even offered some fun ‘gaming tuition’, so we knew what the hell we were doing. There are plenty of games to play, and if you find some of the card games way too complicated (like I did), then you can still have a bit of gambling fun on the slots. And if you don’t want to gamble then you can sit at the bar and have something to eat while watching your mates try to win some extra drinking money.

    A wee bit more of what Nottingham can offer on a stag night

    If what I have already suggested is not enough, or if it has just whet your appetite a bit, then read on to see some more of the cool stuff you guys can do in Nottingham.

    The NG1 Club is one of the biggest and wildest dance clubs in Nottingham. It’s set out over two floors with pumping music, a few bars and lots and lots of ladies who love to get on the floor and dance. This is a club that is just perfect for a stag night.  I will be honest with you guys and tell you that the reason this place made it to my list was because out of all the clubs I went to in Nottingham, this one was the most packed with ladies!

    For a fun meal with some live music, entertainment and in general an evening that captures the true spirit of the good city of Nottingham, then spend a few hours at this Medieval Sheriff’s Banquet. You have been summoned by the Sheriff to partake of an evening of good, old-fashioned drinking, eating and watching some live entertainment. Beer wenches, knights and perhaps even an appearance from Robin Hood himself make this one hell of a wild, crazy and just downright unpredictable night. This was a great laugh and a fantastic way to do something that – as I said before – really does capture the spirit of Nottingham.

    Good food and big boobs in skin-tight tops: what more could you want on a stag night? Hooters is an American institution, and thankfully they are popping up in the UK now. They offer some good American food, such as barbecued chicken wings, huge-ass burgers and a tonne of other tasty treats that will really make your heart work hard! We had a blast here and the ladies were all really nice (and good looking), and made sure to give the groom a little extra attention.

    Lastly, there’s a really cool bar that plays host to some pretty major rock bands, at Rock City! I love some good heavy metal on occasion, and this place manages to get some pretty big bands like Papa Roach to play here.  It’s just a really cool rock club that is still standing in a day and age when they are not as common. We had a great time here and during our night they actually had the band The Used playing on stage. They have a good bar and they play amazing music – Rock City is just a really cool place to hang out for a few hours on your stag night.

    Some amazing, priceless and possibly life-saving advice about a stag night in Nottingham!

    Here is my very own mini-guide to tell you how to you pick the right place to eat, see live music and other important information.

    For a more fine dining experience

    You want to go to Haveli Indian Restaurant. This is the most classy Indian restaurant I have ever been in. Everything here is just immaculate and the menu was awesome, with food from all the different parts of India. They had a great mix of mild dishes and dishes so spicy I swear they were made in the deepest parts of hell!

    Eating without breaking the bank

    If you don’t want to spend a tonne of money on food or have some fussy eaters in your stag group, then have a nice evening meal at Red Hot World Buffet. The staff there will make sure that you are well and truly stuffed, and their selection and the fact you can just pick and choose what you want means that there will be no bitching from Mr Fussy Eater, and no need for you to give him a slap.

    Late night Nottingham taxis

    If you need a taxi in the wee hours of the morning to sneak away from a lady, get back to your hotel room after getting locked in the toilets at a seedy bar, or whatever, then you can call Trent Cars. They offer a professional and discreet late night taxi service.

    I jumped on a wall and fell off (A&E in Nottingham)

    I know that on a stag night (or hell, just a lads night out in general) that once the drink starts flowing so do the stupid (but awesome at the same time) ideas start flowing. This is when you get a broken ankle, bloody nose, broken finger and any number of injuries. Well, if you do, there is an A&E at the Nottingham University Hospital.

    Live entertainment in Nottingham

    If you want to catch a live band or some other kind of entertainment, then the majority of touring acts that hit the UK will do a show at the Capital FM Arena.  From huge pop and rock acts to WWE wrestling there is always some kind of show on here.

    Dude, relax

    I know that sometimes during a stag night you may need just half an hour or an hour of quiet drinking time to relax and recharge the batteries… for even more crazy stuff once you are rested. Or maybe you want a more low-key stag night in Nottingham in general. Well, if you want either of these things, The Pitcher & Piano is a classy and relaxed place where you can enjoy a nice quiet drink. 


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