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Drinking, Driving, Shooting and Clubbing- What more could you want on any Stag weekend apart from some more wine and women? ►2 nights accommodation, lap dancing club entry, quad biking, clay pigeon shooting and Nightclub entry.
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Action Man Stag Package Nottingham

Do you consider yourself a modern day action hero? Are you ready to take on a weekend filled with drinking, shooting, driving, dancing and of course women?

This could easily be considered as one of the manliest weekends we have to offer. With this package you’ll get two nights accommodation, lap dancing club entry, quad biking, clay pigeon shooting and of course night club guest list entry! What more could you ask for? By planning using this bundle, you’ll save money that can otherwise go to your adventures in Nottingham, so be smart and really maximise the value you get for your buck!

What is the Accommodation like?

When we receive feedback and reviews from our happy partiers, there’s always one thing that really stands out to us. Groups always say they loved the multi-occupancy rooms because it made for a fun time with their friends. There was no hassle with getting ready or trying to get people back to their own room, the boys were kept together and it made it much easier to play pranks! So we’re keeping with this tradition and setting you up with a brilliant multi-occupancy room that will keep costs low and let you have lots of fun.

If this doesn’t sound like you though, no need to panic! We have mid-range and luxury hotel rooms available as well, just call one of our friendly team members!

Lap Dancing Club - Flirtz - Friday Night

In Nottingham, everyone knows there’s only one place to go if you’re after beautiful women, affordable drinks and a great show. Flirtz has become the must visit place for anyone in Nottingham for business or pleasure. Their approach to the industry is impressive with a multi-level building designed to accommodate everyone.

On the ground floor is the main stage where each of the girls will perform, showing off their dance moves among other things. Down here, no matter where you’re sitting, you’ll have a great view of everything going on up on stage. Upstairs however, where you and the group will be, is an entirely different zone. This floor is for V.I.P’s and groups only, as it is filled with large private booths where the girls can come and give you boys a little bit more attention. Will you be the best stag at the party and buy the buck a dance? Or will you be greedy and keep the attention on you?

Quad Biking - Saturday Daytime

Following on from the previous night’s antics, it’s time to jump on these powerful all terrain vehicles and take on an expertly built track. You’ll come face to face with some outdoor obstacles that even the most experienced drivers have problems overcoming. This course in Nottingham is divided into six areas, each one testing a different driving skill.

You’ll be accompanied by an expert guide who will focus on keeping you safe and teaching you how to really handle these machines. So after the necessary safety talks and gear fitting, you’ll head out to a practice track before being taken on this 10 mile trek! You’ll have to learn how to negotiate woodland tracks, tight turns, steep hills as well as learn how to safely cross rivers and water obstacles.

If you’ve been really good and have taken to the vehicles like a pro, you may even be able to have a ride on the free track! Remember though that this is part one of your action experience.

Clay Pigeon Shooting - Saturday Daytime

Part two takes you to the range with powerful shotguns to take down clay targets that are flying with realistic behaviours. No need to worry about hunting as no animals will be involved, just you, the instructors and some ill-fated clay targets! You’ll learn how to handle these weapons safely, aim at moving targets as well as experience the rush as you blow them up!

As you get better, the targets will become harder as they copy some typical behaviour of target animals. Will you be able to get the high flying duck? How about the quick and low rabbit? Show us and the lads what you’ve got with this awesome experience!

Night Club Guest List Entry - Saturday Night

To end what will have been an amazing weekend so far, we’ve lined up guest list entry to The Cookie Club! This phenomenal venue has three different dance floors playing an assortment of different styles, so if you’re not feeling one, go and visit another! Add in three bars serving different drinks, but all at a great price and you’ve got a winner. But wait, there’s more! In addition, there are three different themed rooms which you can enjoy as well as a roof top terrace to get some fresh air.

This venue has been operating Nottingham for 20 years and is considered a landmark in the local nightclub scene. You won’t be disappointed as you’re rushed in by the bouncers to enjoy this friendly, feel good atmosphere!

Note: If you or your friends are still intoxicated or unfit to drive or handle weapons, the staff at the centre have the right to refuse access.

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