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A favourite with Stags in York is this great Italian restaurant conveniently close to York Minster. Great food, great service, great location for all of Yorks nightlife.
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Italian Restaurant for York Stag Nights

Finding a place to eat when on a stag night can be a royal pain in the ass! There is always that right fussy sod who will not try anything new. Well here at the Bella Italia you get a great menu that really will have something on the menu that everyone will love!

Key Features

The Bella Italia is one of the premier Italian restaurant chains in the UK. These places are everywhere and the reason for this is because they are cool places to eat and the food is damn good! So no messing round, wandering the streets of York for an hour trying to find a place to make Mr fussy happy! Just plop your selves down here and you are good to go. This is one of the most popular eateries in York for groups of rowdy men on a stag night.

The main reason that so many people fall in love with the Bella Italia is because the menu just has a ton of awesome dishes to pick from. They are always adding new cool stuff to the menu and introducing new daily specials as well. You are getting a three course meal here and let me tell you that its three courses of awesomeness. Your starter does a great job of putting you in the mood for some great food. Their Zuppa Del Giorno or if you prefer, soup of the day is a great way to go!

The main menu literally has something for every member of your stag group. I know that you will have that one awkward mate who is a pain every single time you go out to eat, but he will be ok here. There are all kinds of pizzas, spaghetti dishes, pasta dishes and many more specialist dishes as well. The Bella Italia has you pretty much covered in very regard. Their Spaghetti alla Bolognese is one of the most popular dishes all over the country and once you have tried it you will not be able to eat normal spaghetti Bolognese again! If you are more of a pizza man then you should try out their pizza that has a double helping of peperoni! The menu is just full of great stuff and your stomachs will be very happy.

If the main menu has not finished you off then you will need to have your dessert. There is a great selection to pick from, but if you ask me a great way to round off your meal is with some classic Italian style ice cream. In all, you boys will be getting three amazing course that will make sure you are well and truly full before you hit the pubs and clubs of York!

When you book at the Bella Italia make it a point to tell them that you are a stag party and they will take very good care of you gents. Also as it is a popular try to book as far in advance as you can.

Reasons Why The Bella Italia Is A Great Stag Do Event

I am not exaggerating when I say there really is something on the menu for everyone here!

There is just a really fun and friendly vibe here that makes it the perfect place to start your stag night

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