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Clay pigeon shooting is another classic Stag party idea for York. Battle out who will be the victor over a 25 clay session- make it as competitive as you wish.
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Clay Pigeon Shooting - York Stag Do Idea

Every group of Stags reckon that they are all totally brilliant at everything. Well here is another opportunity to find out whether they are or not, and who will shine and who will have to eat their words. Clay Pigeon Shooting is all about eye hand coordination. It requires a bit of skill to break those flying frisbee like clay targets with the shotguns provided. 

The instructors here are fully qualified and will give everyone all the training and instruction needed. Normally stags will "cut their teeth" on easy targets getting accustomed to the recoil and performance of the gun. After the first 10 targets, why not start a competition and see who will hit the most targets. 

As confidence grows, the instructor will launch targets at different speeds and angles, resembling the flight paths of various birds. Rember that you will not be shooting at any real birds or animals.

This is our choice of Shooting ground as the venue for York Stags, consistent receiving the best reviews. Book early in order to get the time slot you want.


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