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This will take everyone out of their comfort zones. Highly charged session learning how to survive as a group. How will your group of Stags cope with the pressure?
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Survival Training- York Stag Party Idea

Here we have a truly unique and amazing stag do activity that is going to be a ton of fun for you guys. Do you have what it takes to make it as a group and survive in the wilderness without the modern comforts you are used to? Well this survival training will put you and the rest of your stag group to the ultimate test!

Key Features

Have you ever watched Bear Grylls when he is running around the woods, eating dead badgers and drinking his own piss (which you will not have to do here by the way) and thought to yourself “ I could make it out there on my own” maybe if we take things a little bit more to the extreme with the TV show The Walking Dead. Have you ever imagined yourself in a zombie apocalypse with dwindling supplies and you being caught out in the woods with no shelter? Well no you can put your TV survival skills to the test and learn some new ones as you find out what you would need to do to survive if you ever got lost in the woods.

This is just a really cool stag do event and one of the most unique and special ones in the whole of York. I can honestly not think of anything else like this! The idea of this training is for you guys to come together as a group, work as a unit and make things happen that you would need to do in order to survive. This is really fun and actually while you may be doing this as a bit of a laugh, many people who have done this remember these skills for the rest of their lives which is really cool.

You will learn a great range of survival skills here, but let’s just take a closer look at a few of them. One really cool one that you get to do is build a shelter. You will learn how to build a shelter to keep you dry and you will find out what things you need to look for and what things are dangerous to build a shelter with. You will also learn how to make a fire, but not just to cook food and keep warm in the cold wilderness, but to make signal fires to call for help. You will be taught how to look for water, but as well as finding it you will learn how to make it so it safe to drink. You will learn how to find your way in the woods, find food and many other things. In all this is just a ton of fun and something you guys will remember for the rest of your lives.

Your survival training here in York will last around three hours. What is amazing is that in three hours the amazing staff will teach you skills that you will remember for the rest of your lives. You do need to have at least ten people in your group to make a booking here.

Reasons Why Survival Training Is A Great Stag Do Event

You get to learn some really cool skills like, shelter building, fire starting and navigation.

You work as a team to survive the wilderness.

Survival training is a truly unique and memorable stag do event.

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