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York Stag Weekends

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Why York Is A Great Place To Go!

York is by far the fastest growing place in the whole of the UK when it comes to stag do locations. For the most part this is a place that has a really chilled out kind of vibe and has still much of its old time charm that has been stripped away from many of the other “old” cities in the UK. You get a real “classy” feeling when you roll into York.

Yorkshire offers everything from rock climbing to karting

There are like a million touristy kind of things to do here in York. The Jorvik Viking Centre is still one of the most popular tourist spots in the country. For you train spotters in the stag group we have the National Railway Museum and if it’s a little culture your gents are after then your stag party can have that with a trip to York Minster. So as you can see, as well as the classic and cool stag party stuff, York has plenty of the touristy stuff as well.

Beware of Jack-in-irons

If you ever find yourself wandering the lonely roads of Yorkshire look out for the supremely spooky Jack-In-Irons, a mythical Yorkshire giant who lurks in waiting, covered in chains, wearing the heads of his victims as grisly jewellery and wielding a huge, spiked club-did he not make it home from the last stag night?

How Do We Get To York?

By far the easiest way to get to York is by train. York train station is right in the middle of the city and it only takes a couple of hours from London and three hours from Edinburgh. The only “tricky” place is the North West where you may have to make a few changes. The A1 is only 10 miles roughly away meaning you can drive, but the city of York is not really meant for cars. Travel in the city is pretty easy and fairly cheap if you buy a bus day ticket.

What Are The Best Night Time Activities?

Let’s forget all the historical stuff for a minute and take a look at the cool, the crazy and the bad ass things you guys can get up to on a stag night in York.

Any good stag night needs to start with you boys being well fed and there is no better or cooler place to do that than La Tasca. Here you get some of the finest cuisine from places like Spain, Mexico, Columbia, Brazil and many others. Everything here has a cool Spanish twist even old favourites like egg on chips have a Spanish twist to them. This is the perfect place for you guys to kick back, have a laugh and drink a few warm up beers before you hit the streets!

If you want a stag do event that is a little sinister, full of dastardly deeds, full of stories of murder, mutilation and even possible ghost sightings then this is for you. York is the most haunted city in the UK and I bet a few of you stags will need a change of underwear during this ghost walk! This walk is just bone chilling, the guide will take you to the creepiest, haunted areas of York and tell you their evil history! This is a great thing to do before you guys hit the pubs later in the night, you will need to have a few drinks right after just to calm the nerves!

Classic Ghost walk though the back streets of York

York has some pretty damn cool nightclubs one of the most popular ones is Kuda. This place is just flat out cool and you get a real VIP vibe here. There is always a DJ who keeps the tunes pumping and there are plenty of choices at the bar for you guys to get well and truly hammered with. Kuda is one of the most popular places in York for the ladies and many Hen parties are known to flock here. So who knows a few of you single stags might even get lucky and the reckless non single stags might as well!

This is York’s classiest lap dancing club where only the sexiest ladies get hired. No stag night is complete without kicking back with a few drinks and watching some naked chicks dancing around. The Upstairs Gentleman's Club is just high class/VIP all the way. And if you guys want a real VIP experience then you can book in advnace and let them know that you are a stag party and you will be taken very good care of.

What Can We Do During The Day?

York has a pretty awesome nightlife, but there are also some really cool things that you can do during the day part of your stay here

A real classic of any stag  event, paintball is the best way to relive those dreams you had as a kid where you were Rambo. Here we have some amazing game scenarios for you to work through. You will get really into the game and feel like you are in a zombie apocalypse or in the movie Platoon. Paintballing is the best way to get back at an annoying mate by shooting him right in the backside at point blank range. You guys are guaranteed to have an absolute wild time here for sure.

Quad biking in many ways is the perfect stag activity as they are really easy to learn to control. After a quick little safety talk and being shown how to ride, the guys will be going on an amazing quad bike adventure, where you will need to navigate some steep slopes, harsh terrain and also get to drive really fast. Quad biking is a great way to spend an hour or two in the afternoon! And it’s something everyone will be able to do.

Quadbiking does not get much better than this!

Clay pigeon shooting is just a short drive from York, but it is well worth it! You get the chance to shoot down 25 clays each. You will be taught how to handle a real shotgun and shoot the right way. Clay pigeon shooting is a great way to have a “friendly” little competition with your mates to see who is the best shot. Let me tell you this, clay pigeon shooting is fun, but one thing you will always remember about this is no matter if you hit 25 clays or just one, is you will always remember how much of a bad ass you felt with that shotgun in your hands.

This is a great way to see some live entertainment and have a really good laugh with your mates. If you like laugh out loud, dry, sarcastic and in some places a little bit dirty humour then you guys will have a riot here at The York Dungeon. This is the kind of place that is just tailor made for a group of stags and they actually love stag groups here so make sure you let them know and you will get some extra attention.

What Really Makes This Place Special?

York has managed to keep much of its historic charm. Going in a pub crawl here will see you go in many old style pubs that are pretty much extinct in most other parts of the country. The locals here also seem to be a breed all to their own and will welcome you guys in with open arms. In all York just has a real charm to it that is hard to explain, but you know it’s there within five minutes of arriving.

Don't understand a bloody word they speak in Yorkshire?

Then watch this short training course on Yorkshire Dialogue with "Yorkshire Airlines"


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